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3 Key Considerations in Facebook's Latest News Feed Tests

3 key considerations in facebooks latest news feed tests

Facebook recently announced that they’re conducting a test of a new News Feed format which would remove direct Page posts from the main News Feed.

This would mean your main feed would predominantly become updates from friends and family, with posts from Pages you follow available on a separate ‘Explore’ feed.

3 Notes on Facebook's News Feed Changes Thus Far

facebook releases topics to watch report for march highlighting key trends

So how’s your organic reach on Facebook doing?

We’re now three months into Facebook’s News Feed shift, which re-weighted the platform’s infamous algorithm to put more emphasis on ‘person-to-person engagement’ over Page interaction.

4 Tips to Help You Get Seen in the Facebook News Feed

4 tips to help you get seen in the facebook news feed

I’m sure that almost every blog or article that you've read about Facebook’s most recent News Feed update has told you that the world is ending, and brands won't get seen no matter how hard they try.

7 Ideas to Help You Beat the New Facebook News Feed Changes

facebook adds new listing of all emails theyve sent to you in order to negate scammers

Facebook is changing it’s News Feed yet again, and I can hear social media marketers and Facebook Page owners across the world sighing out a big “ugh”.

To be completely honest I don’t really see these Facebook News Feed changes as a bad thing - I think it'll be a creative challenge for us marketers, and can be positive for the overall Facebook experience.

9 Things Publishers Need to Know About Facebook's Coming News Feed Changes

9 things publishers need to know about facebooks coming news feed changes

On January 11th, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a coming, major shift in the way Facebook will sort posts in it's News Feed.

In a nutshell, posts from brand and publisher Pages are set to be de-prioritized in favor of person-to-person interactions, which will likely mean a decline in organic reach for businesses.

Facebook Announces News Feed Update to Crack Down on 'Engagement Baiting' Posts

facebook releases data on thanksgiving weekend shopping conversation on facebook and instagram

While most businesses are slowing down and easing into the end of year period, Facebook continues to roll out updates – and significant ones at that.

This week, The Social Network has announced yet another News Feed algorithm tweak, this time taking aim at Pages which push for engagement in order to boost their reach.

Facebook Releases New Guidelines to Help Publishers Better Understand How the News Feed Works

facebook releases new guidelines to help publishers better understand how the news feed works

Follow on from this week’s panic about Facebook’s latest News Feed test - which sees them moving Page posts to a separate News Feed - The Social Network has released a new listing of News Feed Publisher Guidelines, which aim to help publishers better understand how the News Feed algorithm works.

The overview pretty much mirrors what Facebook’s news Feed chief Adam Mosseri outlined in his presentation at their F8 conference earlier this year (down to the example of ordering a meal for his wife).

Facebook Tests a New Option Which Would Remove Page Posts from the Main News Feed

facebook tests a new option which would remove page posts from the main news feed

Here’s one that’s sure to raise the blood pressure of social media managers everywhere...

Facebook is experimenting with a new, alternate News Feed set up which would remove all direct Page posts from the main News Feed and shift them across to the newly expanded ‘Explore Feed’, which would likely make it harder than ever for Pages to generate reach.

Facebook Updates News Feed to Combat ‘Low Quality’ Websites

facebook updates news feed to combat low quality websites

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of links to websites which contain “little substantive content and have a large number of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads”. The changes will also relate to ads from these domains, which will be blocked entirely.

In other words, if your site’s covered in crappy ads, you’re gonna’ find it a lot harder to keep drawing significant traffic from Facebook.

Facebook Updates News Feed to Penalize Non-Mobile Optimized Websites

facebook updates news feed to penalize non mobile optimized websites

Facebook has announced another News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of websites which are not optimized for mobile devices.

As explained by Facebook:

“We’ve heard from people that it’s frustrating to click on a link that leads to a slow-loading webpage. [...] During the coming months we’re making an update to News Feed to show people more stories that will load quickly on mobile and fewer stories that might take longer to load, so they can spend more time reading the stories they find relevant.”

Here's How to Still See Posts from Your Favorite Pages After the Changes to Facebook's News Feed

heres how to still see posts from your favorite pages after the changes to facebooks news feed

As you have heard, Facebook is currently rolling out a major change to its News Feed which will promote more content from friends and family, and less from Pages, particularly those not deemed as "trusted sources".

This shift in focus comes as a result of the rise in fake news and declining engagement on the platform, both of which have become more significant concerns in recent years.

New Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates You Need to Know

facebook adds new listing of all emails theyve sent to you in order to negate scammers

I’m sure you know it by now, but you are a commodity to Facebook. Your attention is anyway.

To keep your interest and attention, Facebook's always tweaking its News Feed algorithm to ensure that users are served the most engaging and relevant material possible.

The Pros and Cons of Facebook's Coming News Feed Changes - from a Page Perspective

facebook signed a new deal which will enable users to include popular music in their videos

The biggest social media marketing news of the very new year, thus far, has been Facebook’s announcement that they’ll be implementing changes to their News Feed algorithm which will put increased emphasis on person-to-person interactions over person-to-Page engagement.

In other words, the reach of Facebook Page posts is going to go down, even further than it already has.

Understanding Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm is the Key to More Brand Attention and Sales

understanding facebooks news feed algorithm is the key to more brand attention and sales

On its surface, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm appears as a helpful tool that delivers only the information most likely to appeal to its users’ unique likes and personality. It’s the ultimate customer-centric device.

“Our goal is to build the perfect personalized newspaper for every person in the world,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained in a public Q&A in 2014. “We’re trying to personalize it and show you the stuff that’s going to be most interesting to you.”

Zuckerberg has also revealed that to achieve this level of personalization, out of the 1,500 or more stories aimed at each personal profile every day, Facebook delivers only a fraction of that. Adding all 1,500 to your News Feed would make the platform overwhelming and drive users away. This means each post you see on your News Feed won out over more than a thousand others.

Why the Coming Facebook News Feed Changes Won't Increase Well-Being

why the coming facebook news feed changes wont increase well being

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the coming overhaul of the platform's News Feed algorithm, he explained it with his company's aim to ensure people's connectedness and "well-being" when using the platform.

As per "research", Zuckerberg put it, people feel happier and less lonely when they're actively engaging with their friends online - and less happy when they're passively consuming information, such as posts from Pages.