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Fresco News Aims To Build A Crowdsourced Network For Breaking News

6-7NewsIf you’ve ever wanted to contribute photos or videos to your local newscast, you might get your chance soon, thanks to a new startup called Fresco News.

There have been lots of other experiments in crowdsourced journalism, but CEO John Meyer (pictured above) said Fresco has some key differences.

For one thing, the Fresco app won’t just be “a boring standalone product.” In other words, it won’t be an app that you only open to upload photos. Instead, it should feature content from breaking news events around the world. At the same time, users can accept assignments to take photos and videos for professional news organizations.

Genius Hub Is Like A Paid Version Of Reddit’s AMA

8-6GHReddit’s traffic may be climbing amid its recent controversy and turmoil, but the company’s fate is now more questionable than before. And that means it’s time for competitors to swoop in to take advantage of Reddit’s inability to target those users looking for an alternative experience. Voat opened its doors to fleeing trolls, for example, and Tumblr launched its own AMA feature with “Answer Time.”

New Site Aims to Help Journalists Verify News Found on Social Media

First Draft News CheckerA new website funded by Google News Lab aims to help journalists find and verify first-hand news accounts posted on social media. The site, called First Draft News, is designed to help reporters find legitimate sources and material on sites like Facebook, Twitter andYouTube, while at the same time stopping the spread of rumors and hoaxes that proliferate the Internet following major news events.

"We will be publishing features, case studies, interactives, videos, podcasts, industry news, how-to guides and collections of tools on a daily basis to help journalists navigate this new minefield of reportage," wrote Alastair Reid, the site's managing editor. Eight members of Google's First Draft Coalition will contribute to the site, including EyeWitness Media Hub, Storyful, Reported.ly, Bellingcat, Meedan, Verification Junkie, Dig Deeper, Google News Lab and Emergent


Not good at using Twitter & Facebook for news? Nuzzel’s new email subscriptions may help

nuzzel10-15For those of you that either don’t have the time or aren’t very good at using Twitter and Facebook to find the best or most important news of the day, know that you are not alone. News aggregation startup Nuzzel, however, does have a pretty good solution: Mooch off of other people who are good at it.

Today the startup is launching a new feature that will let you subscribe to email updates collecting the aggregated social news feed from certain influential people. The goal here is that you can benefit from someone else taking the time to follow and interact with the best news makers/sharers on Twitter and Facebook, even if you rarely use either service often.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down on July 1, cofounder Jack Dorsey will be interim CEO

6-11ceoTwitter’s chief executive, Dick Costolo, is stepping down but will remain on the company’s board of directors. Costolo and Twitter’s investor relations Twitter account confirmed the news in tweets today.

Jack Dorsey, a cofounder of Twitter, will be Costolo’s interim replacement. Dorsey will simultaneously continue to work as chief executive of payment company Square, according to a statement from Twitter.

The change is effective July 1.

Twitter officially removes the 140-character limit for direct messages

8-12twitThe magic number is no longer 140. Twitter has officially lifted its 140-character limit on direct messages. Users will begin seeing this change today across Twitter’s iOS and Android apps, Twitter.com, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac. All others should have this capability within the next few weeks.

Twitter Will Onboard Users With “Instant Timeline”, Inject Top Tweets From “While You Were Away”

T11-12Twitter has 500 million logged out users it’s trying to squeeze value out of, but now it has a plan to fix its growth problem, which is really a new user retention problem. Today on its marathon 7-hour Analyst’s Day conference call it previewed sweeping product changes, new revenue streams, and a unified strategy to make Twitter for everyone, even if that means changes fundamentals that diehard users have grown accustomed to.

The most important change is called “Instant Timeline”, and it will jumpstart users with a feed full of interesting content even if they haven’t followed anyone yet. Twitter also announced it would break away from a strictly unfiltered feed with a new “While You Were Away” feature showing the best tweets since you last logged in.

Your Monday Briefing

8-31briefGood morning.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Urgent action on climate.