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BuzzSumo Publishes New Report on Key Content Trends to be Aware of in 2018

buzzsumo publishes new report on key content trends to be aware of in 2018

“If you’re sticking with your content approach from three years ago, it’s now 50% less effective.”

This first line in BuzzSumo’s latest Content Trends report certainly grabs attention, and definitely, if you’re working in digital or content marketing, it’s worth looking over their stats and getting an understanding of the current lay of the land.

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Role of Social in Evolving Shopping Habits

facebook signed a new deal which will enable users to include popular music in their videos

It’s no secret that people are now consulting their mobile devices at all times, and that social apps dominate mobile usage.

But how, exactly, are people using social tools within their purchase process - and how can retailers use that to advantage when planning out their strategies?

Facebook Releases New Report on Emerging Holiday Shopping Behaviors

facebook adds three new options to facebook stories as stories usage continues to climb

It feels a little scary to consider, but it’s already time to start planning your 2018 holiday campaigns.

While it is only June, the year’s moving fast, and the earlier you get planning, the more you can refine and improve your strategy to maximize benefit, capitalizing on the latest consumer trends and moving in line with evolving discovery behaviors.

New Report Finds Brands Can Benefit from Taking a Stand on Political Issues on Social

new ways to gain social media reach interactions and followers in 2018

Should your business take a stand on political issues?

It’s become a more pressing query in these days of political division – with all the debates happening around such a wide range of issues, taking a stand is important, but it can also mean you run the risk of losing segments of your audience. So should you do it?

New Report Looks at How Twitter Data Can Be Used to Improve Market Understanding

new report looks at how twitter data can be used to improve market understanding

Amidst all the criticism of Twitter, through their inaction on Terms of Service violations, to their slowing growth, to their lack of profit, one thing that often gets overlooked is the platform’s value in terms of data, and tracking real-time trends.

This, of course, if central to Twitter’s ‘Happening Now’ ethos, which is now central to their marketing efforts, but even with it being a core element, many still fail to understand just how valuable Twitter data can be for detecting trends and movements before they become more significant.

New Report Underlines the Power of User-Generated Content, Rising Influence of Social

new report underlines the power of user generated content rising influence of social

Sprout Social has released it's latest social media research report, this time looking at the impact social platforms have had on how we share personal updates - and how such updates are subsequently influencing purchase behavior.

First up, In what will come as little surprise, Sprout found that 79% of people now view social media as the preferred option for sharing life milestones with their friends and family.

New Reports Suggest Snap is Working on an AR-Enabled Version of Spectacles

snapchat adds new bitmoji animations which enable users to interact with friends characters

There may be life in Snapchat’s Spectacles yet – Cheddar has reported that Snapchat is developing not one but two new versions of the smart glasses, with the second upgrade moving towards an AR-style tool, enabling users to overlay digital images on their real-world field of vision.

Snapchat Releases New Report on the Popularity of the App Among Sports Fans

snapchat releases new report on the popularity of the app among sports fans

As part of Snapchat’s effort to boost advertiser interest, they’ve been commissioning research reports to better highlight the potential of the app’s audience.

They recently published a report on Snapchat’s unique audience - users who are more commonly active on Snapchat than they are on other platforms.