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Instagram Provides New Opportunities with Stories Archive and Presentation Options

instagram rolls out new direct message tools including remix and replay controls

Instagram has announced a new archive and display process for Instagram Stories which will open up a range of new opportunities for the option.

The main update is ‘Stories Highlights’, which will enable users to display Instagram Stories content on their profile, with a new Stories bar being added below your bio info.


On the Challenges of Voice UI, and the New Opportunities it Presents

on the challenges of voice ui and the new opportunities it presents

Most of the time, Alexa, Siri, and Bixby are handy assistants for everyday tasks, but sometimes rapidly advancing voice technology can get in the way.

Voice UI (VUI) is suddenly everywhere, but there are challenges to overcome with the still-developing technology. While voice is neither a platform or the UI paradigm of the future, it is an additional UI that's here to stay.