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20 Web Design Stats You Need to Know First [Infographic]

20 web design stats you need to know first

Are you in the process of creating a new website for your business? Need help understanding the factors most important for success?

You’ll find plenty of stats to guide your web design process in this infographic.

24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know [Infographic]

24 email marketing stats you need to know

The impact of email marketing goes way beyond getting messages into inboxes.

To underline this, the team from Campaign Monitor have put together an impressive collection of email marketing statistics that every marketer needs to know.

Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags

everything you need to know about hashtags

The use of hashtags for social media marketing is nothing new, but we wanted to provide a one-stop resource that tells you if you should use hashtags, how many hashtags to use, where to find trending hashtags and what kind of exposure hashtags can give you across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The State of B2B Content Marketing: 6 Things Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic]

the state of b2b content marketing 6 things every brand needs to know

While content marketing has grown to become an established element in most sectors, the B2B space has been a little slower to catch on.

But now, with the growth of content more broadly, B2B companies are developing their content tactics, and implementing more measurable, accountable practices to make best use of content marketing within their production flow.

The State of Influencer Marketing: What Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic]

the state of influencer marketing what every brand needs to know

As social networks continue to evolve their algorithms, and users increasingly rely on more accessible, immediate word-of-mouth recommendations, a growing number of businesses are turning to influencer marketing to maximize the reach of their messaging.

The growth of influencer marketing makes sense - as noted in a recent report published by Snap Inc., 93% of people will try things recommended by friends.