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4 ways to monetize a live streaming app

Traditional monetization boasts a strong foothold in online media by forcing people to wait for the content they want to see. Users on YouTube have to sit through pre-roll advertisements, and Hulu users sit through mid-roll advertisements similar to television commercials.

This works well for static media, but the future of media is far from static -- it's live.

Facebook Adds Monetization Options for Messenger Games

facebook adds monetization options for messenger games

After first launching ‘Instant Games’ on Messenger last November, Facebook has now announced the next stage of the project, adding interstitial and rewarded-based video ads to selected games as part of a test to monetize the option.

After the initial launch, Messenger Games were rolled out to all users in May, when Facebook also added in new gameplay options, like the ability to challenge friends and game-specific bots.

Facebook Announces New Guidelines on Content Monetization and Advertising Censorship

facebook announces new guidelines on content monetization and advertising censorship

Over the past year, Facebook’s been skirting around the definition of what it is – or more specifically, Facebook’s actively worked to avoid being labeled a media company. And that makes sense – Facebook sees itself as more of a facilitator, a platform for anyone to share their voice. They don’t make editorial decisions, they simply provide the tools through which to share content.

But increasingly, that stance has been tested, particularly as The Social Network has been pushed to crack down on controversial content and misuses of their platform.

Facebook considers 'tip jar' proposal as part of push to monetize posts

facebook considers tip jarFacebook is considering the introduction of a virtual "tip jar", so users can tip small amounts of money to the pages and people they like most. Opportunity to pay small amounts to favoured pages is being mooted along with other options. But would tipping really catch on on the social network?

Facebook Outlines New Video Monetization and Promotion Tools, Focusing on Facebook Watch

facebook could be closer to rolling out upvote and downvote options for comments

Facebook has released a new set of monetization options and best practices for video creators as it seeks to build interest in its Watch platform.

And while The Social Network offers significant audience potential, it has its work cut out for it, both in terms of developing consistent audience for Watch programs, and in establishing publisher trust, which has been shaken by recent News Feed shifts.

Facebook’s Playbook For Monetizing Messenger And WhatsApp

7-30messWith 700 million Messenger users, investors are eager to see Facebook earn money on the platform. But Zuckerberg put the brakes on those expectations today during the Q2 earnings call, explaining that Messenger and WhatsApp will run the same monetization playbook as Facebook and the News Feed: Get people organically interacting with businesses before you let companies pay to reach customers.

Pinterest’s Tim Kendall Talks Monetization And Commerce


Pinterest's Tim Kendall On Buyable And Promoted Pins

Tim Kendall’s new job is to make sure Pinterest’s partners are finding new ways to make money off one of the most engaging platforms on the Internet. He’s been plenty busy since he got started, including launching Buyable Pins. We sat down with him to find out a little bit more about the company’s commerce plans.

YouTube Adds New Live-Streaming Tools, Including Monetization Options

youtube adds new live streaming tools including monetization options

As Meerkat rose and fell, Periscope grew its offering, and eventually Facebook stepped into live-streaming, the online video leader, YouTube, stayed relatively quiet. YouTube did have various live-stream options available, but as users shifted into this new, immediate, ‘live-stream from anywhere’ trend, YouTube didn’t seem too concerned about taking part.