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How Modern is Your Strategy? How Marketing in 2017 Compares to 1990 [Infographic]

how modern is your strategy how marketing in 2017 compares to 1990

A lot's changed since the 1990s. Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls won six NBA titles in the nineties, kids were playing with Furby's, Nintendo Gameboy's and Tamagotchis, and 'Friends' was one of the biggest shows on TV.

And mobile phones looked something like this! Feel old yet?

Mindtree's CMO on what makes a successful modern marketer

be a successful modern marketerMindtree marketing chief Paul Gottsegen told delegates at a recent event about his recipe for modern marketing success, including building a team of technology-savvy specialists. He also explained the company's automated marketing processes, how all leads sent to the sales team are tracked and how bringing in social expertise benefited the brand.

The Art & Science of a Successful Modern Marketer [Infographic]

the art science of a successful modern marketer

It's no simple task for a business to be successful at marketing today.

Marketers no longer have the luxury of specialization - in order to compete and thrive, they need a wide variety of skills, skills that incorporate both creativity from the right hemisphere of the brain and analytical thinking from the left hemisphere.

In short, today’s successful marketer must be both artist and scientist, because what works in marketing is both an art and a science.