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10 resolutions marketers must make for 2016

resolutions for marketersWe're only a week into 2016, and we already know it's going to be an interesting year to be a marketer. Hopefully you're feeling holiday-refreshed and ready to take on the year with what, hopefully, is at least a modest budget behind you. Try not to blow it all in the first quarter. And as you're charting your professional course this year, resolve to do the following.

13 Twitter Chats You Must Follow to Stay on Top of Marketing Trends

13 twitter chats you must follow to stay on top of marketing trends

If you're working in the field of digital marketing, I’m sure by now you have a pretty clear idea about how important Twitter can be for a business.

Twitter provides you with the opportunity to connect with millions of people, helping to spread the word about your business, and share your views on the latest trends.

5 Big Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 [Infographic]

5 big marketing trends to watch in 2018

As we advance towards the end of the year, everyone’s thinking about what’s coming next, what’s on the horizon for digital marketing and social media in 2018.

Augmented reality, chatbots, AI – there’s a couple of staples that seem to be on everyone’s lists, but while we’re all confident that these technologies will become more prevalent, it’s more difficult to predict exactly how they’ll grow.

5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On From SXSW

SXSWFrom a brand marketer’s perspective, SXSW this year was dominated by a call to demystify the growing consumer trend that’s seen a significant move away from traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for a full-scale adoption of more intimate (and private) messaging apps like Snapchat and Kik.

Are display ads even worth it anymore?

think laWe all know the CTR for display is dismal. Are marketers wasting their time? This is the scoop on what's working now.

iMedia traveled to thinkLA's Motor City West and spoke with Flash Point Communications president and CEO Scott Empringham about the state of display advertising in the modern marketing world. Discover the new tactic that his team employs on social media which provides a much higher rate of engagement than a banner ad ever could.

Slide Show: Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2016

marketing outlookThe combination of a U.S. presidential election and Summer Olympics is bound to make 2016 a bounteous year for marketers and media. But from ad blockers and hackers to health nuts and political zanies, it won’t be without its challenges.

According to Zenith Optimedia’s annual forecast, global ad spend growth will rise from 4% in 2015 to 5% in 2016, thanks to the games in Rio and the November election in the U.S.