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4 Digital Marketing Tips for the Holidays

digital marketing holidays articleDuring the holiday season, there are opportunities galore for digital marketing. This is the time when people set out to buy gifts for friends and family, and while they’re doing that, they might also decide to buy something for themselves. Who can resist the displays, the discounts and the urge to indulge in some retail therapy while everyone else is doing the same?

Holiday shopping increased by 12.1% between 2014 and 2015 and there’s no reason to believe there won’t be an increase again this year.

6 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips to Get People Talking About You

coupon pop thinteaReady to give your eCommerce store a marketing boost? Have you thought of trying word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth is the strongest form of recommendation, and spreads quite quickly too. If people are talking about your business, then you can be sure you’ll get a big lift in your sales from new customers. According to a study done by Ad Age word of mouth can increase marketing effectiveness by 54%!

7 paradoxes that marketers need to embrace

marketing paradoxesToday's marketers must recognize and embrace the ironies of our industry in order to win at storytelling. Taco Bell's chief marketing officer explains.

8 Pieces of Marketing Wisdom for the Chinese New Year

Marketing FortunesIt's that time of the year again: A time when nearly a sixth of the world's population comes together to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

In celebration of the Year of the Monkey, HubSpot created the Marketing Fortune Generator. This free tool does what you'd expect: it generates your marketing fortune for the new year.

Cheesy? A little. But hopefully you find it helpful in a fun way. To give you a preview of what you can expect, check out some of our favorite "marketing fortunes" from the generator below. 


8 tips to win over the most skeptical customers

win over skeptical customersPotential customers with a plethora of questions pose a unique, but not insurmountable, sales challenge. Aja Frost offers eight tips on how to win them over, including fine-tuning your sales pitch to weed out buzzwords that turn off these critical listeners.

LinkedIn tips from 45 social marketers

linkedin profileSocial marketers give their top tips for success on LinkedIn, including making sure that your company profile is up-to-date and that all employees' personal profiles link to it. Other advice includes being informative instead of promotional, and developing relationships with influencers.

The marketing clichés you need to stop repeating

marketing clichesPerhaps no group of people on Earth quite knows how to overuse a phrase like marketers do. That's unfortunate for a profession where original thought is vital to success. But all the same, we find ourselves regularly adopting new sayings and terms and then subsequently beating all usefulness and cleverness out of them via repetition. And thus is born another marketing industry cliché.

At best, the repetition of marketing clichés is annoying. At worst, their incantation can actually be harmful to your efforts, as many of them serve to obscure issues where a little bit of clarity is desperately needed.