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5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn

5 exciting changes coming to linkedin

LinkedIn’s has been rolling out a ton of new features of late to help boost the utility and opportunity of the service. Some of them are live right now, and if you’re a regular contributor on the network, you likely have access already.

Here are five of LinkedIn's new changes which are either already available or coming soon - and how they can be of benefit.

How to Use LinkedIn's New 'Connection History' Feature to Boost Opportunities

how to use linkedins new connection history feature to boost opportunities

In my world of selling on LinkedIn, my top strategy is utilizing 1-on-1, personalized marketing. But I currently have over 13,000 connections in my LinkedIn network, which can make remembering how and when I connected to someone a bit difficult.

Good news - LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature which reminds you of when, exactly, you connected with someone.

LinkedIn Adds ‘Suggested Skills’ and Expanded Audience Insights (with Video Coming Soon?)

linkedin adds suggested skills and expanded audience insights with video coming soonLinkedIn has released a heap of updates in recent months – although some were re-introductions of old functionalities which they’d removed. But either way, LinkedIn’s added a wide range of tools and features, many of which have immediate, significant benefits, so it’s important to keep up.

Continuing on this line, last week, LinkedIn added access to their new, post-level audience insights via desktop.