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5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn

5 exciting changes coming to linkedin

LinkedIn’s has been rolling out a ton of new features of late to help boost the utility and opportunity of the service. Some of them are live right now, and if you’re a regular contributor on the network, you likely have access already.

Here are five of LinkedIn's new changes which are either already available or coming soon - and how they can be of benefit.

How to Use LinkedIn's New 'Connection History' Feature to Boost Opportunities

how to use linkedins new connection history feature to boost opportunities

In my world of selling on LinkedIn, my top strategy is utilizing 1-on-1, personalized marketing. But I currently have over 13,000 connections in my LinkedIn network, which can make remembering how and when I connected to someone a bit difficult.

Good news - LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature which reminds you of when, exactly, you connected with someone.

LinkedIn Adds Extra Insights to 'Profile Views' Data, Including Keywords Used to Find You

linkedin adds extra insights to profile views data including keywords used to find you

LinkedIn continues to add smaller updates and features to help refine and improve the user experience.

Earlier this week, we reported that LinkedIn is now giving users the ability to add images in comments, and now, LinkedIn has announced some new tools to help users get a better understanding of who’s viewing their profile – and ideally, why.

LinkedIn Adds New 'Talent Insights' to Help Employers Improve Hiring and Recruitment Efforts

linkedin adds new talent insights to help employers improve hiring and recruitment efforts

Following Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, one of the key areas where you can expect to see LinkedIn improve is in data utilization.

LinkedIn, which now has more than 500 million members, has an unmatched database - they have the professional and educational histories of (almost) all of those members. That sets LinkedIn apart from other networks - while Facebook's also trying to muscle in on LinkedIn's turf by introducing job listings on Pages, LinkedIn's data gives them a big advantage.

LinkedIn Adds Smart Message Replies to Streamline Connection

linkedin adds smart message replies to streamline connection

LinkedIn has announced the addition of new Smart Replies in their messaging option, providing a faster, easier way to stay in touch, particularly on mobile.

The functionality is fairly straightforward – where LinkedIn’s message AI detects inferred meaning in an incoming message, it will provide you with a set of one-tap quick responses you can use to reply.

LinkedIn debuts new content series showcasing the best young thought leaders on its site

9-8LILinkedIn is launching a new publication series designed to showcase the potential of its social network to enhance the economic graph. Called LinkedIn Lists, the intent is to highlight select members and companies on the professional social network LinkedIn says are “doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.”

LinkedIn Expands Lead Gen Forms to Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads

linkedin expands lead gen forms to sponsored inmail and dynamic ads

Earlier this year, LinkedIn added ‘Lead Gen Forms’, a new ad offering which enables advertisers to more easily collect information from users, with the data auto-populated based on their LinkedIn profile.

The lead gen option has proven to be both popular and effective.

LinkedIn Provides Capacity to Add Multiple Images in a Single Post

linkedin provides capacity to add multiple images in a single post

LinkedIn continues to add new tools and features, improving the user-experience in tiny increments, as opposed to adding in wide-scale changes.

Well, you could argue that adding in video is a fairly significant shift, but still, there’s been no massive, Stories-like updates or announcements which change the way the platform works - which makes sense for the professional social network. They probably don’t need to re-imagine the platform so much as refine it.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Professional Mentorship Connection Option to All Users

linkedin rolls out professional mentorship connection option to all users

After testing their professional mentorship connection process for the last few months, LinkedIn has this week announced that their ‘Career Advice’ option is being rolled out to users in the U.S., U.K., India and Australia, with all other regions to gain access ‘in the coming months’.

The new option helps users connect with potential mentors in their chosen fields.

LinkedIn’s messaging tool gets new chat-like interface, support for emojis, stickers, and GIFs

8-31LIIf you’ve ever received messages on LinkedIn, chances are it wasn’t the greatest experience in the world. It just doesn’t lend itself to communicating with people in the way that existing tools like Facebook Messenger and Skype do. But that’s all changing now and hopefully for the better. LinkedIn is rolling out a new messaging experience in which the tool has been redesigned to support not only photos and documents, but emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more.