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10 Lessons Learned About Social Media From My Parents

8-12lesson1Some valuable parental life lessons translate well into fundamental strategies for social media. Use these basic principles to effectively connect and engage with your audience.

When I give presentations on social media, I often refer to Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. After all, so much about social media is about building strong relationships with others. And that's what Dale preached as well as anybody, especially in his classic book.

10 Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Posts [Infographic]

10 tips for compelling linkedin company page posts

With more than 500 million members, and a focused, professional audience base, LinkedIn is a must for most companies, but especially those in the B2B sector. But developing a presence on LinkedIn can be hard – LinkedIn is not Facebook, it’s not Twitter. You don’t win on LinkedIn by being the most entertaining or posting the best photos (necessarily).

So how do you maximize your LinkedIn efforts – what should you be publishing to your LinkedIn company page?

11 Rules You Must Follow to Be a LinkedIn Marketing Master

M10-18At my company, Fusion Marketing Partners, we have a policy of not spending money on marketing or sales. We are “pull” (inbound) marketers to the core and this philosophy has served us well. Of course, we do lots of “push” (outbound) marketing for clients, but we try to move them in the direction of pull marketing in order to drive awareness and leads up and drive new customer acquisition costs down.

While we don’t incur direct marketing or sales expenses, there is definitely a cost in time and effort, and this is the tradeoff you will also have to make if you decide to adopt the pull marketing approach. As a B2B marketer, one of the best social media tools you can use is LinkedIn. It has gained us awareness, leads and revenue, and it can do the same for your company (as well as you as an individual). But to be successful with LinkedIn marketing, you need to follow some important rules, like:

12 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Utilizing Employee Advocacy [Infographic]

12 reasons why your business should be utilizing employee advocacy

The rise of social networks - which give everyone a platform to share their thoughts publicly, at any time – has, in turn, lead to the rise in employee advocacy.

Whereas broadcasting your message via traditional methods has long been the best way to share or distribute company news, the expansion of social networks has amplified the power of ‘word of mouth’ - and given that people trust those they know more than they do company messaging, it makes sense to utilize this to your benefit within your marketing efforts.

13 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

8-25liWhat a great blog post that was, if you do say so yourself.

Trouble is, a few weeks after you shared the URL on LinkedIn, it vanished beneath the stream of your newer posts.

If you're seeking to establish yourself as a thought leader—and who isn't inspired by your thoughts?—try blogging from LinkedIn, rather than just dropping in status updates, Jill Jones says in the Ragan Training session, "Use LinkedIn to showcase your thought leadership and become a brand ambassador for your company."

19 LinkedIn Mistakes That Make Me Pull My Hair Out

If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, it’s highly possible you’re making one (or several) LinkedIn mistakes that are turning off potential clients. Turning people off doesn’t always have to provoke a dramatic response that involves the other person slandering your business on Yelp but even in its most harmless form, it hurts your bottom line.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and when you waste it on making rookie LinkedIn mistakes, you’ve already shut the door on what could have been a mutually beneficial relationship.

Take a few minutes to review the 19 most common LinkedIn mistakes I see to make sure you aren’t making any of them. It could be the difference between making or breaking your next sale.

19 LinkedIn Ninja Tricks Experts Haven't Taught You Yet

N11-1Have you ever wondered if you’re missing some of the functions on LinkedIn that may help you with your business? It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes and functionality on social media sites. It’s something that my team and I do daily to make sure we stay up-to-date on all of the tricks, tips and changes.

Here are some of the best kept secrets (old and new) that include a special backdoor for adding new connections, how to send messages instead of paid InMails, extreme advanced search ninja tricks and much more. Each of these 19 LinkedIn tips are easy to implement immediately!

3 Key Tips to Help Maximize Your Long-Form Content on LinkedIn

3 key tips to help maximize your long form content on linkedin

Content marketers know that feeding the content beast isn’t easy, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a small team.

If you want to follow that old adage “work smarter not harder,” LinkedIn recently released some data you’ll want to pay heed to, which underscores the SEO value in publishing long-form content on LinkedIn.

4 Key Steps in Using LinkedIn for Your Business

4 key steps in using linkedin for your business

You don’t need to be on every social site out there, because let’s admit, it can be overwhelming. You do, however, need to be spending your time doing what you were born to do, staying within your zone of genius.

And that's running your business.

But on the other hand, marketing is necessary to grow your business right?

4 Sales Mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

stop spamming on linkedinBusiness-to-business marketers should always customize their connection requests on LinkedIn to avoid appearing like spam, and they should never send unsolicited sales pitches, Pete Caputa advises. Don't post sales content on discussion groups; join in only if you have something relevant to add to the conversation.

4 Ways to Attract the Right People to Your LinkedIn Profile

4 ways to attract the right people to your linkedin profile

If you think LinkedIn is boring, think again. The truth is, your LinkedIn profile is so powerful it could help you get people to say 'yes' to your requests.

One of the most effective ways to get people to reach out to you is for them to ‘like’ you. By using Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of liking, you can attract the right people to your profile and get them to reach out to you.

5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn

5 exciting changes coming to linkedin

LinkedIn’s has been rolling out a ton of new features of late to help boost the utility and opportunity of the service. Some of them are live right now, and if you’re a regular contributor on the network, you likely have access already.

Here are five of LinkedIn's new changes which are either already available or coming soon - and how they can be of benefit.

5 Predictions for Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn in 2018

5 predictions for social media marketing on linkedin in 2018

2018 is coming up fast, and that means you need to get your planning in place for what's coming.

But what, exactly, is coming in social media and digital marketing?

To help set you up for the new year, this week, we're publishing our predictions for each of the major social platforms, with a specific focus on marketing-related options. We've already covered off on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, and now it's LinkedIn's turn for the crystal ball treatment.

5 Profile Settings You Need to Know to Personalize Your LinkedIn Experience

9 tips to help spot a fake linkedin profile

Do you find yourself being tagged in irrelevant posts on LinkedIn, or being flooded with far too many notifications? Perhaps you're seeing a heap of irrelevant posts in your feed?

Before you lose your focus, try personalizing your LinkedIn user experience by exploring and adjusting your profile settings.

5 things I did to get 80,000+ followers on LinkedIn

5 things i did to get 80000 followers on linkedin

With more than 500 million global users, there's no denying that LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business professionals. When used wisely, LinkedIn can be a great place to not just connect with influencers and business professionals from around the globe, but also build a loyal following for your brand.

I've been giving LinkedIn a more dedicated focus for the past two years, and within a few months of applying myself, I managed to make it to the Top Voices on LinkedIn for 2016. In addition to this, I've also gained more than 80,000+ followers, which has lead to various opportunities.

5 Trends Reshaping Social Media

8-25fivetrendsNot too long ago, observers on the Internet were witnessing Twitter’s revolutionary early days and the cautious caveat emptor notice about Facebook disguised as Academy Award-winning The Social Network. Now there’s Pinterest for the DIY-inclined, LinkedIn for the professional, Tumblr for teenage thinkers, Instagram for millennials exploring their FOMO, and even dating services doubling as social networking sites.

5 Ways to Generate Business Through LinkedIn

8-6LIThis story first appeared in the August issue of Entrepreneur. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

Let’s start with the data: More than half of marketers surveyed say Facebook is the most important social network they use, according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by San Diego-based Social Media Examiner. LinkedIn came in second: 71 percent of marketers use it, but only 21 percent cite it as the most important social network. (Twitter ranked a distant third, at 12 percent.)

5 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn for Business in 2018

linkedins putting renewed focus on groups with new tools and options

While other social platforms get more attention, LinkedIn has slowly been building out its marketing options, with the backing of Microsoft enabling a broader range of integrations and data tools to help optimize campaigns.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn's New Native Video Option [Infographic]

5 ways to use linkedins new native video option

LinkedIn recently announced the long-awaited addition of LinkedIn video, which enables all users to share video content direct on LinkedIn (the option is in the process of being rolled out - if you don't have it yet, you will soon).

Tapping into the rising popularity of video content, LinkedIn has added the option to their mobile app, giving users another way to build their personal brands and connect with other professionals via video content.

6 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Company Page

5-12LILinkedIn Company Pages are a great way to brand your business, and share key content, information and updates with a targeted audiences. All employees who list your company on their profile are automatic followers of your company, and others may choose to follow your Company Page at their option. When you post great content to your Company Page, your followers engage with the updates and share it with their networks which amplifies your reach and serves to build your following even more.

7 Simple Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedins putting renewed focus on groups with new tools and options

One of the simplest ways to start building your personal brand online is to optimize your LinkedIn profile, better enabling you to be found and remembered.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a job seeker, a consultant, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you'll benefit from having a fully optimized LinkedIn profile.

7 Tactics to Connect With Decision Makers on LinkedIn

1-147LinHave you been wasting a lot of time and energy trying to get in touch decision makers in your target market?

Do you struggle with figuring out who is the right person to reach out to in a company that could facilitate an introduction to the decision maker?

If you are like many entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals, you may be struggling to find and connect with those all important decision makers that are essential to your ability to make a sale.

8 LinkedIn Photo Fails to Avoid (Infographic)

how sharing more of your personal passions can boost your results on linkedin

In the age of duck lips, tongues out, and close-ups that may or may not include a bathroom stall in the background, the list of photography fails is endlessly entertaining.

8 Types of Photos You Should Never Use on Your LinkedIn Profile

LI10-17LinkedIn doesn’t play when it comes to professional profile pics and neither should you. If you upload a pic to your profile that isn’t actually of you or isn’t even a headshot, LinkedIn reserves the right to yank it. (Newsflash: There’s no way Hello Kitty’s your doppelganger, m’kay.) Seriously screw up your photo three times and -- stee-rike! -- you’re out. You’ll be banned from uploading your mug ever again. No joke.

In my opinion, LinkedIn doesn’t ax awful profile pics enough. Sloppy, cheesy, awkward snaps. Egregiously immature, unprofessional lemme-take-a-selfie-style pics that cut it no problem on Instagram, Tinder or Facebook. Here's a friendly reminder, particularly for the 39 million students and recent college grads lurking on LinkedIn: It’s not for Man Crush Monday, not for swiping right and not for stalking your 8th grade crush.

9 Tips on Utilizing LinkedIn to Maximize Your Business Opportunities

9 tips on utilizing linkedin to maximize your business opportunitiesWith over 500 million users and a more business-centered approach than other social media platforms, LinkedIn can be a great tool to generate sales.

Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C business, it’s definitely worth putting in some time and effort to develop your presence and personal brand on the network - but how, exactly, should you go about doing this?

9 Tips to Help Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile

9 tips to help spot a fake linkedin profile

LinkedIn, the powerful networking platform for business professionals, has exploded in growth over the past few years. However, with its rapid expansion, LinkedIn – like all other social media platforms – has experienced a growing problem with fake profiles.

A Four-Step Guide to Tracking Conversions on LinkedIn [Infographic]

linkedin expands lead gen forms to sponsored inmail and dynamic ads

Last September, LinkedIn launched their own form of conversion tracking, giving advertisers another way to measure the effectiveness of their LinkedIn ad efforts, and more definitively connect them to bottom line results.

Conversion tracking is becoming an increasingly important element in social media marketing.

A Simple Guide to Improving Your Profile Visibility on LinkedIn

9 tips to help spot a fake linkedin profile

If you want to generate any meaningful value or traction from LinkedIn, it's critical that you start with an optimized profile.

An optimized profile communicates who you are and what you do in a clear, concise manner, and a key element of this is ensuring that you use the right keywords to help potential employers, business partners and prospective customers find you when they go looking on the site.

A Simple Way to Use LinkedIn Search to Connect with Potential Clients

a simple way to use linkedin search to connect with potential clients

Looking for more B2B sales leads online?

There are 500 million of them sitting over on LinkedIn, which continues to add two new members at a steady rate.

The secret to mastering LinkedIn for sales, however, lies in this helpful (and often ignored) feature hidden inside LinkedIn's powerful internal search engine.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - Your Free Cheat Sheets to Social Success!

Social Media imagesHow would you like to quickly learn all of the most important social strategies and success metrics? These three social media cheat sheets featuring Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn explain how to drive your brand, optimize your ads, and automate your social activities.

In these cheat sheets, you'll learn tips for mastering social, such as:

- Building your brand presence and fan base
- Advertising and optimizing your ads
- Best practices for creating a voice

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Here's to your success!

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? The Secret to Finding the Right Social Media Site for Your Business.

6-30smIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the social media changes. Now with the launch of Meerkat and Periscope and the recent Twitter/Google deal it seems loud and clear that social media is the best, and most innovative, place to gain more exposure and more customers for your small business.

If you’ve been in business for a while you’ve probably tested one or more social media sites. And maybe you’re on all of them because you feel like being everywhere is an important part of your marketing? But the truth is that it’s not. In fact, it’s not about being everywhere but everywhere that matters. Why? Because effective social media isn’t quantity, it’s quality, and this goes for likes and followers, too.

Facebook's Testing Out New Resume-Like Option, Similar to LinkedIn

facebooks testing out new resume like option similar to linkedin

While Facebook’s mission to stomp out Snapchat has been fairly overt, their efforts to take over other social media segments have been less so. Case in point - their gradual evolution of tools to take on LinkedIn.

This is of less importance for Facebook, of course – Snapchat’s hold on younger users likely poses more of an existential threat than LinkedIn’s 500 million or so professionals. But still, Facebook’s scale and data capacity provides The Social Network with opportunities to conquer almost any sector it sets its mind to.

Free Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Cheat Sheets to Social Success!

5-13MktoofferWhen was the last time you updated your social media campaign tactics? Get the latest and greatest tips for mastering social on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with these brand new cheat sheets from Marketo. You will learn all of the most important strategies and success metrics for managing social campaigns for your brand.

In these cheat sheets, you'll learn tips for mastering social, such as:
- Building your brand presence and fan base
- Advertising and optimizing your campaigns
- Best practices for creating a strong social presence and voice
- Motivating your audience to take action

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Free webinar: How to Find Qualified Leads through LinkedIn, Automatically – Wednesday, July 8th, 12:00 PM PST

7-1mojoIs new business critical for your business success? Of course it is. But as you probably already know, the most important question is not about generating a ton of hit or miss leads, but capturing QUALIFIED leads that don't waste your sales people's precious time.

Mojo Global has put together a kick @ss webinar that shows you how to build a lead generation machine that automatically builds your sales funnel. It's pretty impressive, but you need to see for yourself how it works.

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Free Webinar! Brand New: Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic, Qualified Leads and Conversions from LinkedIn – Monday, Feb. 9th, 2pm EST, 11am EST

2-4AnnouIf you're looking for new strategies to drive traffic, qualified clicks and leads and greatly improved conversions....then you should pay attention to this.

Most marketers and business owners haven't yet figured out how to really leverage LinkedIn to drive traffic. And not just any traffic. Quality traffic that converts. While most people have been complaining about poor results using LinkedIn, a company called LinkedSelling has been perfecting a 3-pronged LinkedIn traffic system that's generating some really impressive results. I talked with the company founder Josh Turner and was pretty impressed with what they're doing. In fact, I asked him to do a live, one-time only training webinar together just for our group.

It's coming up next Monday, Feb. 9th at 2 pm Eastern/ 11am Pacific. You can sign up here: http://bit.ly/1z7Oi8R

Great Free Training on How To Improve Lead Generation Using LinkedIn to Create a Referral Network – Limited attendance so sign up early


R10-29You know that LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and grow sales, not to mention position yourself and your brand as a leading authority. But how do you maximize using LinkedIn without being seen as a spammer? Josh Turner helps other businesses how to increase sales safely and effectively using LinkedIn. His brand new training session, "Proven Systems for Consistent Lead Generation Using LinkedIn" is a great place to learn from the best. And it is absolutely free for members of our group.

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This webinar is about the REAL tactics and strategies that you can use to generate consistent results, day after day, week after week. Here is what Josh covers in this jam packed training session:
• A step-by-step approach for reaching high level decision makers.
• Proven scripts that generate a 70% response rate from targeted prospects.
• A 90 day roadmap for growing your database of 1st degree *highly targeted* connections by 3,000...yes, in the next 90 days. (all above board, nothing spammy or sleazy)
• How to create an automated top-of-mind LinkedIn campaign (generating an average of 622 clicks and 5,718 views per month).
• Building a huge LinkedIn referral network that generates returns for years to come.

Hacker selling credentials of 117M LinkedIn users

linnkedin stock dropThe data, which include passwords extracted from a breach in 2012, could represent 27 percent of LinkedIn’s 433 million members across the globe. LinkedIn said it was taking steps to invalidate the passwords of the accounts impacted by the 2012 hack, which now appears to be much larger than the 6.5 million accounts initially affected.

Has LinkedIn Made the Classic ‘Jack of All Trades’ Mistake?

linkedin spread too thinAny social network must deal with the tension between groups that use, maintain or run the service. Whether it’s Snapchat cutting off developer access to its API, or YouTube struggling with users over creator contracts, there always seems to be some discord. Now it seems the discord in LinkedIn’s business model is starting to impact the site as a whole.

Hashtags become searchable on LinkedIn

LinkedIn now has hashtagsLinkedIn has announced that users can now employ hashtags to search and share content on the site. The feature is currently available only on LinkedIn's mobile app but will be rolled out to all platforms.

Here's How to Get Liam Neeson to Endorse You on LinkedIn (Yes, Really.)

LM12-15On Jan. 9, Liam Neeson resumes his role as former government operative and current badass Bryan Mills in Taken 3.

To promote the movie, the folks at 20th Century Fox have cooked up a somewhat unconventional marketing strategy: while hitting all the usual social media bases (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), Taken 3 is also being promoted on LinkedIn.

Here’s How Much Facebook, Snapchat, and Other Major Social Networks Are Worth

heres how much facebook snapchat and other major social networks are worthThere’s been a lot of movement in terms of valuation for the major social networks over the past few months. Snapchat has seen its stock price fall back to its IPO value, while Facebook has risen to all-time highs. In the meantime, companies like Pinterest are still waiting to step from the private into the public realm, and LinkedIn and Tumblr have settled into their new digs at Microsoft and Yahoo, respectively.

With all of these changes taking place, we figured it would be a good time to go over where a few of the major social networks currently sit in regards to their valuation. Each of the companies listed in the chart below is valued based on their most recent sale price, valuation, or market cap.

How 'Getting Personal' with Your LinkedIn Updates Can Drive Significant Reach

how getting personal with your linkedin updates can drive significant reach

Sharing personal updates on LinkedIn is a bit of a controversial area for some. Definitely, LinkedIn's not Facebook - you don't want to be sharing all your personal news, thoughts and updates on a platform that's primarily focussed on professional interactions.

But there is a way to share relevant personal updates with your LinkedIn network - and those posts, in my experience, can perform better than your regular 'all business' updates.

How are you doing at publishing on LinkedIn? [Webinar]

linkedin webinarThursday, Feb.25, 3pm ET - As you probably know, third party sites — like Facebook, Medium and LinkedIn — are becoming viable alternatives to blogs. The ability to post longer form content there is easier than ever, and whether you use them as a replacement for your own site or a complement to it, it's worth understanding how this works.

LinkedIn is a great place to gain awareness and build a reputation for you and your business, but are you really putting your best foot forward? We'd like to help you get the most out of connecting, creating content and giving you the best opportunity to showcase you or your company's thought leadership.

How Do Professional Audiences Engage with Content on LinkedIn [Infographic]

how do professional audiences engage with content on linkedin

LinkedIn offers a range of opportunities for both individuals and brands to boost their professional standing – but in order to capitalize on those opportunities, you need to be creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience.

And that’s always a challenge – you need to understand not only what people want to consume, but how they want to consume it, and where, and on which device/s they're most active. There are plenty of generic guidelines on this, but each platform is different, and LinkedIn, in particular, requires more specific consideration.

How Sharing More of Your Personal Passions Can Boost Your Results on LinkedIn

how sharing more of your personal passions can boost your results on linkedin

The rumbling upstairs was unmistakable - I heard stomping, shouting and banging on the floor above my home office. In fact, the whole house shook.

Given what was happening outside, I knew it could only mean one thing - our three boys (ages 14, 11 and 9) were gearing up to go sledding.

How Social Titans Market To Win

how social titans market to win

It’s sexy these days to analyze the gaudy advertising budgets that brands allocate towards promotion on social media channels.

But what about the ad spending of the social channels themselves? We’re glad you asked …

Kantar Media took a peek at the five big social channels in the US, and the $117.9 million they spent last year on marketing. Two of them stood well above the rest in expenditures and success.

How the Value of Social Content is Increasing

7-23smWhen it comes to platforms like Facebook, Flipboard and LinkedIn, the quantity of content doesn't matter. Those who understand the right content to share will come out ahead.

In an era when emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn connect requests and countless bleeping apps are screaming for more and more of our attention during the business day, the marketers who will succeed are the ones who understand how to consolidate and funnel target-grabbing content on the channels that matter. Content for the sake of producing content does not work anymore. Only content developed and delivered to support the target's content needs has high value.

How to Become a LinkedIn Power User [Infographic]

how to become a linkedin power user

Some social media sites are more fun than others. If you’re hooked on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll be forgiven for neglecting your LinkedIn profile.

There’s something very grown-up about LinkedIn that can make it unappealing to a lot of young professionals – yet in many ways, LinkedIn the most contemporary network of all.

How to Create a System for LinkedIn Lead Generation

how to create a system for linkedin lead generation

As far as social networks go, LinkedIn is in a class of its own – Facebook and Twitter have nothing on LinkedIn. In fact, according to Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.

Now you may already know that LinkedIn is the “go to” platform for B2B lead generation and social selling, but perhaps it just hasn’t been working as effectively as it could for you, as you’re likely missing the right overall strategy.

How to Drive More Sales Through LinkedIn and Social Selling [Infographic]

how to use linkedins new gif messaging feature to boost your on platform efforts

The digital transformation that's taken place over the last decade has completely changed the way people buy, and businesses, marketers, and sellers, need to adapt in order to stay relevant and competitive in attracting the modern buyer. And LinkedIn and social selling provide the most important tools for B2B businesses to generate more sales.

How To Exploit Your Network: Six Tips From LinkedIn Founder

LI7-14Everyone is networking these days: going to conventions, building up LinkedIn contacts and the like. But now what? How can you actually get some value out of meeting Fred at that alumni event, or Jeannette at the sales conference? LinkedIn’s billionaire chairman and co-founder, Reid Hoffman, would like to help.

How to Get Started: Advertising on 6 Social Networks

CellphoneMost Internet users feel entitled — to consume online content, tools and programs free of charge and free of advertisements. Often, any attempts to monetize Web pages ruffle the feathers of the modern Web-surfer, so many of them have turned to Web-based ad-blocking tools to combat the ads they so loathe.

This contempt for online ads is not really their fault. Many companies have weighed down their sites with horrible ad formats, and the intrusive nature of those ads make for a clunky and annoying user-experience. Below is an example of a website that serves an astounding 330 advertisements upon entrance—not even the most forgiving user would read through that many ads.

As marketers, we can’t condone this type of advertising behavior, and associating our brands with poor user experiences can leave a bad taste in the mouths of our prospects. If we continue alienating our audience with crummy ads, ad-blocking tools will continue to gain popularity—something both publishers and advertisers should worry about.

Enter the rise of social media advertising...

How to Improve Your Discoverability on LinkedIn Through Skills and Endorsements

how to improve your discoverability on linkedin through skills and endorsements

With over 500 million LinkedIn users globally, how can you ensure you're maximizing your opportunities to be found by recruiters looking for the exact skills you have, or a prospective client searching for the exact product or service you offer?

The answer: 'Keywords.'

In order to boost your discoverability, you need to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search using relevant keywords.

How to Maximize Your Discoverability in LinkedIn Search

how to maximize your discoverability in linkedin search

There are millions of users and billions of data points on LinkedIn, but many people still miss the mark in fully grasping how to leverage their profile to grow their business through the platform.

In fact, one of the simplest and most effective LinkedIn tools - LinkedIn search - recently got an upgrade which makes it an even more effective tool for generating exposure.

How to Use LinkedIn to Prep for an Important Meeting

how to use linkedin to prep for an important meeting

So, you’ve landed that meeting with an important prospect.

Now what?

It’s time to prepare. You want to seem as informed and relatable as possible, just like you would for an interview.

But how would you do that?

How to Use LinkedIn Video to Boost Your Performance

how to use linkedin video to boost your performance

In today's online marketplace - especially if you're a business coach or consultant - the fastest, easiest and most effective way to win new business is by getting your face, voice and personality in front of potential prospects.

Online video is an ideal way to do this, because it instantly establishes the know, like and trust factors that are a critical component of any business coaching or consulting relationship.

How to Use LinkedIn's New 'Connection History' Feature to Boost Opportunities

how to use linkedins new connection history feature to boost opportunities

In my world of selling on LinkedIn, my top strategy is utilizing 1-on-1, personalized marketing. But I currently have over 13,000 connections in my LinkedIn network, which can make remembering how and when I connected to someone a bit difficult.

Good news - LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature which reminds you of when, exactly, you connected with someone.

How to Use Social Media to Climb the Career Ladder

3-2laddAre you using social tools effectively enough that they could help you move forward in your digital marketing career?

So you want to propel yourself into a leadership position in digital marketing? You may be in a manager or director role but yearn for executive status. Everyone in sales knows that digital marketing and tactics like social media marketing have changed the way the professional salesperson does his or her work, but what about the non-sales employees? In this article, I will review how you can use LinkedIn to climb up the career ladder to leadership.

How to Use Your LinkedIn 'Following' List for Marketing Outreach

how to use your linkedin following list for marketing outreach

With LinkedIn’s “Follow” feature, you have a ready-made list of individuals all over the world who have essentially “opted in” to follow all your status updates and articles on the platform.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about people you’re already connected to (1st Level Connections). Rather, I’m talking about people you're not connected to, but who've found you one way or another on LinkedIn, and were so impressed that they decided to follow everything you post and do on the platform.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen Forms

how your business can take advantage of linkedins new lead gen forms

LinkedIn is great for networking, but it can also be an amazing resource for prospecting and lead generation.

Let’s look at some facts about its users, courtesy of HubSpot:

  • LinkedIn is patronized by 25% of adult users.
  • 46% of online adults with a college degree are on the platform, and 32% of employed online adults.
  • Content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21% in the past two years.

Influencer videos come to LinkedIn

linkedin influencer videosLinkedIn is allowing its network of 500 Influencers to post 30-second videos to their feeds on the platform, and it will produce video interviews with people like Bill Gates. Videos will be sorted by topic so that users can search for ones relevant to their interests, and they will not contain ads for now.

Infographic: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads

linkedin profileWhat’s the best way to ensure you’re profile attracts business leads or recruiting offers? LinkedIn offers guides for both general and sales optimization. Some of the basic keys for optimizing a LinkedIn profile include:

- Using a professional looking headshot
- Develop a headline that’s more than just a job title
- Add samples of past projects
- Make sure your profile is complete
- List at least three skills for your connections to endorse

For more information on optimizing your LinkedIn profile...

Insider Secrets Used By The Most Successful People On LinkedIn

leveraging linkedinImagine what your business would be like if you were getting 10 to 25 new connections every day using LinkedIn?

So many people miss their chance to leverage LinkedIn because it’s just too much work and takes way too much time.

What if you could speed up the process of finding, connecting, and talking with people who could help you take your business to the next level?

Is LinkedIn Planning to Kill Off LinkedIn Groups?

is linkedin planning to kill off linkedin groups

I've written quite a bit about LinkedIn groups in the past. Historically, they were the number 1 source of organic lead generation for my B2B marketing funnel - in fact, 80% of my leads came from LinkedIn Groups.

Yes, groups sometimes turned into orgies of spam and click bait, but a well-managed group often times did exactly what it was supposed to - brought together like minded people to discuss their common professional interests.

LinkedIn Acquires Content Distribution Startup Run Hop

linkedin buys run hopLinkedIn has acquired the content distribution company Run Hop in an effort to make LinkedIn’s feeds more interesting.

Founded by Pete Davies and Evan Solomon in 2014, Run Hop is a service that show readers content based on their preferences.

As a result of the deal, Davies will become a senior product manager for LinkedIn; Solomon a senior software engineer.

“We wanted the co-founders’ talent and expertise in content,” a LinkedIn spokesman told The Wall Street Journal. “It has long been a strategic priority for us, and we believe their knowledge and capabilities can help us accelerate the execution of our content road map.”

LinkedIn Adds ‘Suggested Skills’ and Expanded Audience Insights (with Video Coming Soon?)

linkedin adds suggested skills and expanded audience insights with video coming soonLinkedIn has released a heap of updates in recent months – although some were re-introductions of old functionalities which they’d removed. But either way, LinkedIn’s added a wide range of tools and features, many of which have immediate, significant benefits, so it’s important to keep up.

Continuing on this line, last week, LinkedIn added access to their new, post-level audience insights via desktop.

LinkedIn adds conversion tracking for sponsored content

LinkedIn adds conversion trackingLinkedIn has added new capabilities to its Campaign Manager tool to help advertisers interested in measuring how many leads, sign-ups, downloads, and purchases came about through their sponsored updates.

LinkedIn Adds Extra Insights to 'Profile Views' Data, Including Keywords Used to Find You

linkedin adds extra insights to profile views data including keywords used to find you

LinkedIn continues to add smaller updates and features to help refine and improve the user experience.

Earlier this week, we reported that LinkedIn is now giving users the ability to add images in comments, and now, LinkedIn has announced some new tools to help users get a better understanding of who’s viewing their profile – and ideally, why.

LinkedIn Adds New 'Talent Insights' to Help Employers Improve Hiring and Recruitment Efforts

linkedin adds new talent insights to help employers improve hiring and recruitment efforts

Following Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, one of the key areas where you can expect to see LinkedIn improve is in data utilization.

LinkedIn, which now has more than 500 million members, has an unmatched database - they have the professional and educational histories of (almost) all of those members. That sets LinkedIn apart from other networks - while Facebook's also trying to muscle in on LinkedIn's turf by introducing job listings on Pages, LinkedIn's data gives them a big advantage.

LinkedIn Adds New Connection Invite Filtering, Helping to Streamline the Process

linkedin updates its search options with new results listings and improved layout

When it comes to using LinkedIn for lead generation, what works best is creating what I call "context for a conversation".

If you want to see real, meaningful success on the world's largest B2B-themed professional network, you need to find ways to engage your ideal clients and prospects in 1-on-1, personalized conversations using LinkedIn invites and messages.

LinkedIn Adds New Data Tools to Help Advertisers Maximize their on-Platform Efforts

linkedin adds new data tools to help advertisers maximize their on platform efforts

Proving the ROI of your social efforts is becoming more and more important as digital marketing is further integrated into wider business process, which is why all the social platforms are working to provide improved data tools and options to help streamline and refine the process.

Along this line, LinkedIn’s introducing a range of new data tools which will provide more transparency on performance, and more data for improved targeting on the platform.

LinkedIn Adds New Sticker and Text Options to Spruce Up Your Video Content

linkedin adds new sticker and text options to spruce up your video content

I’m not so sure about this one.

Back in October, LinkedIn announced new, Snapchat-like overlays for videos which give conference attendees the opportunity to add dedicated event frames to the content they post to the platform while attending such functions.

LinkedIn Adds Smart Message Replies to Streamline Connection

linkedin adds smart message replies to streamline connection

LinkedIn has announced the addition of new Smart Replies in their messaging option, providing a faster, easier way to stay in touch, particularly on mobile.

The functionality is fairly straightforward – where LinkedIn’s message AI detects inferred meaning in an incoming message, it will provide you with a set of one-tap quick responses you can use to reply.

LinkedIn Announces New ‘Trending Stories’ Feed to Boost Content Engagement

linkedin announces new trending stories feed to boost content engagement

Last September, LinkedIn outlined a set of upcoming projects, including the development of a new content discovery process, with improved notifications and search features, enabling users to get more context and information from LinkedIn’s expanding content resources.

Now, LinkedIn has officially launched their new content discovery option, with the release of ‘Trending Storylines’, an alternative news feed focused on specific topics.

LinkedIn Announces Updates to Sales Navigator App, New Outlook Integration

linkedin announces updates to sales navigator app new outlook integration

LinkedIn has announced some new feature updates for their Sales Navigator mobile app, while they’re also rolling out an enhanced integration for Microsoft Outlook, both of which will help streamline the connection process.

First up, on Sales Navigator – LinkedIn’s adding a new ‘Morning Briefings’ option which will provide context around who you’re meeting with that day.

LinkedIn debuts new content series showcasing the best young thought leaders on its site

9-8LILinkedIn is launching a new publication series designed to showcase the potential of its social network to enhance the economic graph. Called LinkedIn Lists, the intent is to highlight select members and companies on the professional social network LinkedIn says are “doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.”

LinkedIn enables company-specific ad targeting

linkedin ad targetingLinkedIn Account Targeting now lets advertisers using Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail target up to 30,000 relevant companies in a campaign. It's the first time the platform has allowed marketers to merge their own data into campaigns. "I would say this is slowly opening up the walled garden -- with more to come," said Lindsey Edwards of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

LinkedIn Etiquette & Best Practices - 20 Do's and Dont's [Infographic]

new advances could point to the future of linkedins digital assistant tools

With all social networks, there’s a right way and wrong way to use them for business.

Understanding appropriate LinkedIn etiquette and best practices will make you more successful using the platform, and less fearful of making a mistake.

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide 2017: 20 Do’s & Don’ts [Infographic]

linkedin etiquette guide 2017 20 dos donts

Many people are fearful when using social media networks like LinkedIn for business, concerned that they may make a mistake or do something wrong.

Has your fear of making mistakes on LinkedIn prevented you from taking full advantage of all that the professional social network has to offer?

LinkedIn Expands Lead Gen Forms to Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads

linkedin expands lead gen forms to sponsored inmail and dynamic ads

Earlier this year, LinkedIn added ‘Lead Gen Forms’, a new ad offering which enables advertisers to more easily collect information from users, with the data auto-populated based on their LinkedIn profile.

The lead gen option has proven to be both popular and effective.

LinkedIn Expands Refugee Support Program to the U.S.

linkedin expands refugee support program to the usLinkedIn is committed to creating economic opportunity for all members of the global workforce, regardless of country of origin or religious belief. These are precisely the values on which our country was founded. While we can’t control policies around entry of refugees into countries, we can lead with opportunity and help newly settled refugees find economic livelihood. Indeed, our country was built in large part by the work of immigrants and their descendants - and like our foremothers and forefathers, refugees are seeking that same opportunity to contribute.

Consistent with these beliefs, we are accelerating pre-existing plans to expand our refugee program to the U.S. to support refugees already residing in this country. In partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), this week we will start providing financial resources and training to IRC staff to help newly settled refugees more quickly find jobs that leverage the skills they are bringing into the U.S. economy. More specifically, LinkedIn’s support will help the IRC implement economic empowerment programs in its 30 U.S. offices to help their clients achieve their ultimate goal of economic self-sufficiency.

LinkedIn hits 380 million members and $71M profit, $712M in revenue in Q2

7-29LIBusiness-oriented social networking company LinkedIn today announced a $71 million non-GAAP profit, or 55 cents per share, on the $712 million in revenue that it brought in during the second quarter of 2015.

It’s been a good quarter, financially speaking. Analysts were forecasting $679.8 million in revenue and 30 cents in earnings per share, despite the $67.5 million net loss in GAAP terms.

LinkedIn Is Rolling Out Salary Insights on All Job Posts

9 tips to help spot a fake linkedin profile

LinkedIn has announced that it will be adding 'Salary Insights' on all job listings, helping provide context on your potential earnings for each role advertised on the platform.n their latest performance report, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, is now taking the next step in its monetization efforts by opening up its advertising API to all.

LinkedIn is working on two new products to help coworkers connect

1-14LInLinkedIn is most known as a place to network or look for a new job, but now the career-oriented social network is working on some new tools to help users connect with their current coworkers.

A source from LinkedIn told Mashable that the company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together. That way, the platform can be better utilized to improve connections within the office, rather than outside of it. The tools will make it easier to access employee information, as well as share content relevant to your workplace.

LinkedIn now has 1M publishers, with more than 130K posts per week

7-9LiBusiness-oriented social networking company LinkedIn today announced that it has more than 1 million publishers posting content to the site.

They’re posting more than 130,000 items each week, according to a blog post on the new metrics from LinkedIn executive editor Daniel Roth.

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