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3 Social Media Hacks that will Help You Land a Job

3 social media hacks that will help you land a job

It’s no secret that that social media plays a huge role in the modern job market - for firms and job seekers alike. Research has shown that around 85% of recruiters check the social profiles of all potential candidates, while 70% of recruiters have, at some point, disqualified a candidate based on something they found on their social profiles.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or seeking a promotion, these little-known hacks and secrets will help you crush the competition.

5 Tips for Getting Your Dream Job in Social Media

12-29SMConnecting with others over social media is loads of fun so imagine if you got to make a career out of it!. An increasing number of brands and marketing teams are hiring social media managers to take their social efforts to the next level. If you’ve always wanted to get paid to do what you love, read on for five tips to help you land your dream job in social media.

How to Create Job Postings on Facebook

how to create job postings on facebookIf you're one of the 40% of small businesses that say filling open positions is harder than expected, you just got a new way to attract talent. Facebook recently introduced Jobs on Facebook which enables brands to post job openings on their Page and on a dedicated and searchable hub of jobs.

This new addition is aimed at helping brands of all sizes find qualified people where they're already spending most of their time online – on Facebook.

Did you know that 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search?

Layoffs in a Web 2.0 World

web7-31I originally wrote this blog post in 2008, but it is still even more applicable today with the recent announcement from Microsoft about the layoff of 18,000 workers (or 14% of their workforce).

In simple terms, Web 1.0 layoffs and restructurings are cold, heartless and do not take the employees' well-being into account. The continuing economic slowdown since 2008 has also led employers to continue in their 1.0 ways which means that most companies have not re-thought their policies or approaches towards layoffs.

LinkedIn is working on two new products to help coworkers connect

1-14LInLinkedIn is most known as a place to network or look for a new job, but now the career-oriented social network is working on some new tools to help users connect with their current coworkers.

A source from LinkedIn told Mashable that the company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together. That way, the platform can be better utilized to improve connections within the office, rather than outside of it. The tools will make it easier to access employee information, as well as share content relevant to your workplace.

LinkedIn's Sly Labor Insight: Tech Loves Folks Who Can't Code

1-30LITIf you’re useless at writing computer code, does the tech sector still want to hire you? Yes — big-time — says LinkedIn analytics manager Andrew Kritzer, who has just completed a comprehensive analysis of job-hoppers’ moves in 2014.

In a blog post, Kritzer singles out a wide-range of non-technical skills that suddenly have allure for fast-growing digital businesses. For example, he says, Internet companies are snapping up brand-management experts who earned their chops by working in retailing. E-learning companies are hiring people who used to be principals, teachers or school superintendents.

Software Is Eating The Job Market

softwareeatingjobfinalAccording to the Labor Department, the U.S. economy is in its strongest stretch in corporate hiring since 1997. Given the rapidly escalating competition for talent, it is important for employers, job seekers, and policy leaders to understand the dynamics behind some of the fastest growing professional roles in the job market.