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LinkedIn Announces Updates to Sales Navigator App, New Outlook Integration

linkedin announces updates to sales navigator app new outlook integration

LinkedIn has announced some new feature updates for their Sales Navigator mobile app, while they’re also rolling out an enhanced integration for Microsoft Outlook, both of which will help streamline the connection process.

First up, on Sales Navigator – LinkedIn’s adding a new ‘Morning Briefings’ option which will provide context around who you’re meeting with that day.

Microsoft Adds New LinkedIn Resume Creation Integration into Word

microsoft adds new linkedin resume creation integration into word

While Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn hasn’t lead to a raft of major external changes at either company, the tech giant’s slowly building in more integrations, which hint at what may be coming from the pairing.

The latest Microsoft/LinkedIn merging is a new tool called Resume Assistant in Microsoft 365, which will help users when creating their resume by offering real-world, professional insights direct from LinkedIn.

Microsoft Details New LinkedIn Integrations, the First Steps in Combining their Systems

microsoft details new linkedin integrations the first steps in combining their systems

At their annual Ignite conference in Florida, Microsoft has revealed some details as to how the company plans to integrate LinkedIn's data into their services.

And while it’s interesting to see the first steps Microsoft is taking towards utilizing LinkedIn’s massive professional dataset – which is what it primarily acquired for $26.2 billion last June – the integrations, at this stage, are not mind-blowing. In fact, the key functionality they’re talking up already largely exists.

Pinterest Adds New Facebook Messenger Integrations to Boost Exposure and Usage

pinterest adds new facebook messenger integrations to boost exposure and usage

Pinterest is looking to piggyback on the popularity of Facebook Messenger in order to boost growth, adding two new tools which will enable greater Pinterest functionality within Messenger threads.

The first is a new chat extension which will provide a more Pinterest-like experience within Messenger, with full Pins and Pin links viewable in-stream.