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8 Reasons Why Google Analytics Data Will Never Match Your Facebook Insights

8 reasons why google analytics data will never match your facebook insights

Tracking the performance of your social campaigns is critical in maximizing your success. But the fact is that your Google Analytics data and your Facebook data will never match entirely.

Why is this?

The only way to accurately measure your Facebook data is through Facebook reporting itself - here are some key reporting notes on the variations between the two, why they exist, and what you need to watch for.

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights [Infographic]

a small business guide to facebook insights

Facebook Insights can be a goldmine of valuable data, providing specific information which can help you understand more about your audience, and optimize your platform approach accordingly (particularly important given Facebook's various algorithm shifts).

How to Market to Moms: 5 Key Insights for Brands [Infographic]

how to market to moms 5 key insights for brands

Mother's are an extremely influential demographic, and data shows that mothers are also increasingly active online, providing new opportunities for connection and reach. And with more than 85 million moms in the U.S. alone, its worth considering where they fit into your marketing plan, and how you can best tailor your messaging to appeal to this group.

New Data Provides Insights into Snapchat's Performance, Underlines Areas of Concern

snapchats looking to add new options for sharing snap content outside the app

While Snapchat is known as the key place to reach younger users, as the home of tech-savvy Millennials, Snap Inc. itself rarely provides any detailed figures on exactly how many people are using each of its elements, or who, exactly, you’ll be able to reach by marketing through the app.

Twitter's Adding a New Transparency Center to Provide Insight into Ad Targeting

twitters adding a new transparency center to provide insight into ad targeting

As the investigation continues into how social media platforms were used to push political ads in the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, Twitter has announced a new approach to ad transparency which will help raise awareness of political content, and how their ads are being used more generally.

While most of the scrutiny has fallen on Facebook, Twitter, too, has been caught up in the political advertising probe – in particular, how Twitter bots were used to amplify specific messages.