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Conquer Customer Acquisition in 2016 with These Free Resources

Marketing ConquersAs a marketer, acquiring qualified customers at the right cost can be a major challenge. It's no longer just about the quantity of leads anymore. But don't worry, Marketo compiled a list of valuable tools and resources for you to use to conquer customer acquisition in 2016!  The list of resources will help you:

  • Attract more customers with inbound and outbound marketing
  • Define your lead generation strategies and KPIs
  • Plan your customer acquisition around the right metrics
  • And more

Download the free resources here: http://bit.ly/1P1vy1y

Here’s to your success!

The Psychology of Trust and Inbound Marketing

the psychology of trust and inbound marketing

Inbound marketing isn’t entirely new. It’s new in the virtual world - learning about a product or service from a friend on social media or via a blog is a relatively recent development.

But even before we had the internet, people did hear things via word of mouth. You might have picked up the phone, for example, and consulted a friend about a problem you were having, then received a recommendation regarding a product or service.

Why Inbound Marketing is Better Suited to Modern Consumers than Outbound Tactics

why inbound marketing is better suited to modern consumers than outbound tactics

Have you bought into the concept of inbound marketing, or do you think this is a contradiction in terms?

We’re so used to the idea that marketing should be outbound, we ignore the evidence in front of our own eyes - and this evidence proves inbound marketing works a lot better than outbound, largely because of the fact inbound marketers spend less time trying to “persuade” the prospect.