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13 Cyber Monday emails that absolutely blew us away

cyber monday bagIf your inbox is anything like ours, the holiday season has been a little like watching an Expendables movie. Each time you clicked the Mail tab on your desktop, an endless cast of loud, over-the-top characters flooded in, all desperately competing for your attention.

And when Cyber Monday finally arrived, you found yourself jaded with it all.  With so much competition and so much noise, it was difficult for brands to stand out in the sea of "limited time offers" and "exclusive discounts." 

That's why we felt the need to share the true A-Team of this year's Cyber Monday: the brands that managed to win us over with their stand-out emails. Read on to see the best of the best along with the strategies that made them stand out in a stuffed-to-the-brim inbox. 

Consumer Spending Soars And Mobile Millennials Are Growing - But Don’t Forget The Boomers


baby boomers shoppingThe beginning of the holiday sales period was record-breaking for retailers, despite thinner Black Friday crowds and reduced Cyber Monday shoppers. (121 million compared to 127 million last year according to the National Retail Foundation.) Still, weekend sales reached $8 billion – following a disappointing weekend sales period last year – while Monday sales passed $3 billion – when last year Cyber Monday broke US records with sales just over $2 billion. What gives?

First, retailers accounted this year for the strain created by consumer spending surges by pushing pre-buys and reserved deals, making it easier to manage in-store inventory, shipping and delivery, according to Adobe head of mobile Matt Asay.

This strategy also anticipates the changing way people spend. Before Black Friday, Asay said customers are spreading out their purchases and that instead of a spike, he anticipated “a high plateau.”

What America's Retailers Are Spending on Social Media This Holiday Season (Infographic)

HH9-24With a predicted growth of 8 percent as compared with last year, according to Prosper Spending Score, the 2014 U.S. holiday shopping season has begun. Many companies bank on the success of sales from November and December to wrap up their fiscal years on a profitable note, with Prosper estimating this year will be a $650 billion holiday retail season. Although Facebook and Twitter recently announced built-in commerce options, they’re being tested only by a handful of companies.