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3 Ideas for Halloween Instagram Contests

3 ideas for halloween instagram contests

Are you looking for ideas for Halloween Instagram contests? Want to build some momentum for your brand going into the even bigger November and December holidays?

An Instagram hashtag contest is the way to go.

5 Key Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2017

5 key holiday email marketing tips for 2017

Email Marketing is no longer a ‘batch blast’ marketing strategy tasked to the interns (some email marketers still do so, alas). Come September, email marketers start preparing for one of the most important and busiest quarters of the year - the Holiday season.

Regular strategies used for email campaigns throughout the rest of the year may not be enough to cut through the inbox clutter during the holiday season. This calls for email marketers to define their holiday-specific marketing goals, and create email campaigns that stand out.

Facebook Provides Tips on How to Avoid Ad Under-Delivery in the Holiday Period [Infographic]

facebook provides tips on how to avoid ad under delivery in the holiday period

Facebook has been publishing a range of tips on their Advertising Blog ahead of the holiday season, ranging from ad bidding, making best use of the Facebook Pixel to utilizing Dynamic Ads.

While most of these are general overviews (all are helpful, mind you, with some great tips in each post), they have also included some interesting graphics and process reminders which are of particular relevance.

The Advertisers' Guide to the Holiday Shopping Season [Infographic]

the advertisers guide to the holiday shopping season

The holiday season seems to start earlier each year - but there's a good reason for that. Customers begin researching gift ideas months in advance, even though they'll only commit to purchases much later. You need to be ahead of the game to start seeing results around Black Friday when sales pick up.

Last year 150+ million Americans shopped during Thanksgiving weekend, spending $289.19 on average.

Two Great Free Social Guidebooks from Hubspot to Help Maximize Holiday Sales


S115Our friends at HubSpot have two free offers for you this month to help you prepare your Facebook and other social channels for the holiday season!

Generate Leads Using Facebook
Facebook can be a valuable channel to use to attract readers to your website. Get HubSpot's free ebook to learn the content you should be posting and advertising campaigns you should be running to generate leads with Facebook this holiday season:

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250 Free Holiday Stock Photos
Images on social media generate up to 55% more leads than posts without images! This holiday season, don't worry about digging around the Internet—and your wallet—to find and pay for holiday themed stock photos for your upcoming social media campaigns. These 250 photos, a $1,500 value, are on us!

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