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Gmail Adds New Tagging Options to Streamline Email Composition

gmail hacks and tricks to boost productivity

If you use Gmail – which you probably do, considering the email option has more than a billion active users – you might be interested in the app’s latest update, and specifically, some of the new functionalities they’ve added in.

Gmail Hacks and Tricks to Boost Productivity [Infographic]

gmail hacks and tricks to boost productivity

Okay, so these aren't really 'hacks'.

'Hacks' tends to be an over-used term in modern tech circles which usually only relates to capabilities you may not be aware of - these options have been built to be used this way, so you're not hacking anything, you're just using different tools and options.

Google Announces AMP Stories and AMP for Gmail, Expanding Options

google announces amp stories and amp for gmail expanding options

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that he believes the Stories format, originated from Snapchat, is now on its way to becoming the key way we share content on social, overtaking the current staple, the News Feed.