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A Peek Inside How Facebook Decides What Goes Into Your News Feed

5-29fb1There’s nothing more central to Facebook, literally, than its news feed, the middle column of posted stories from friends and business connections, or on the smartphone, the only column. Besides serving as the key place where ads run, it’s what makes people keep coming back to Facebook–though all too often they wonder why the heck they got this viral video post when their sister’s post got lost in the scrolling depths.

An end to clickbait?

facebook clickbaitFacebook wants to rid your News Feed of clickbait. Finally. Publishers who post click-bait will be limited in news feed with the new algorithm.

Facebook alters News Feed to deliver engaging stories

facebook newsfeedFacebook is aiming to provide stories in its News Feed that users not only want to see but will prompt action. The social network says the adjustment was made in response to consultations with its Feed Quality panel that concluded stories shown at the top of a feed deliver a better experience when they are ones users are "both likely to rate highly if asked and likely to engage with."

Facebook Announces New News Feed Update to Further Restrict Spammers

facebook announces new news feed update to further restrict spammers

Facebook’s continuing to expand its efforts to restrict the reach of spam and misleading content, announcing yet another News Feed algorithm change, this time solely focused on a practice called ‘cloaking’.

Cloaking is a more advanced spammer tactic – the process uses re-directs, based on the viewers’ IP or other identifier, in order to avoid detection.

Facebook Releases New Updates for Trending News, Trialing In-Feed News Units

facebook releases new updates for trending news trialing in feed news units

As part of its ongoing effort to bring more diversity of content into your News Feed - and avoid creating echo chambers where all users hear see is information that reinforces their existing beliefs - Facebook has announced another update to Trending Stories, while also adding in a new way to showcase trending news in your region.

The latest change to Trending Stories will see Facebook present a new carousel layout for each topic, highlighting a set of stories from a range of publications covering the issue which you can flip through.

Facebook tweaks News Feed to surface more posts that users actually read

6-12FBFacebook today said that it has started making changes to its News Feed based on the time people spend on individual posts. More changes will be coming over the next few weeks.

Clearly, time spent is important, but Facebook’s engineers have started to take a more nuanced view of the metric.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Further Limit the Reach of Clickbait

facebook updates news feed algorithm to further limit the reach of clickbaitFacebook's rolling out a new News Feed algorithm update which focuses on reducing the reach of clickbait, which is still one of the most complained about elements of The Social Network.

As explained by Facebook:

“People tell us they don’t like stories that are misleading, sensational or spammy. That includes clickbait headlines that are designed to get attention and lure visitors into clicking on a link. In an effort to support an informed community, we’re always working to determine what stories might have clickbait headlines so we can show them less often.”

Facebook Updates News Feed to Combat ‘Low Quality’ Websites

facebook updates news feed to combat low quality websites

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of links to websites which contain “little substantive content and have a large number of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads”. The changes will also relate to ads from these domains, which will be blocked entirely.

In other words, if your site’s covered in crappy ads, you’re gonna’ find it a lot harder to keep drawing significant traffic from Facebook.

Facebook Updates News Feed to Penalize Non-Mobile Optimized Websites

facebook updates news feed to penalize non mobile optimized websites

Facebook has announced another News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of websites which are not optimized for mobile devices.

As explained by Facebook:

“We’ve heard from people that it’s frustrating to click on a link that leads to a slow-loading webpage. [...] During the coming months we’re making an update to News Feed to show people more stories that will load quickly on mobile and fewer stories that might take longer to load, so they can spend more time reading the stories they find relevant.”