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8 Tips to Help You Harness the Power of Facebook Live

8 tips to help you harness the power of facebook liveJust because Facebook Live is accessible from an app on an iPhone, that doesn't mean that a brand’s live broadcast should have the quality of an iPhone video.

Facebook Live is not an excuse to deliver sub-par content, but rather a unique platform which enables you to deliver material content instantly, and to a large group of people, giving them an immersive experience, and giving you the ability to interact with your followers in real time.

Brands can live stream on Facebook

facebook live-streamFacebook opens its live video-streaming tool to verified Pages

First there were celebrities, then influencers, then nonverified individuals. This week Facebook opened up access to its live-streaming service, Facebook Live, to brands on the social network. Now T-Mobile, Nike, Ford, NBC, the Golden State Warriors, and other savvy businesses will be able to talk to you live — because we all know conversing with our favorite brand rocks.

Facebook Live announces new features over the coming weeks

facebook live new featuresFacebook announced yesterday that it is rolling out several updates to its Facebook Live product. Over the “coming weeks”: Broadcasting with Friends, MSQRD Broadcasting, Waiting Rooms and Scheduled Videos.

Facebook Live is an effective tool if used right: 15 Best Practices

Facebook Live best practicesFacebook Live is garnering attention, but brands should use it only when they have a clear purpose, experts say. "Don't eliminate other channels, but think about Live as a complement," said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures. Review these 15 Best Practices for Facebook Live.

Facebook's Cracking Down on Live Videos Which Use Static Images and Reactions as Votes

facebooks cracking down on live videos which use static images and reactions as votesFacebook has announced a new push to crack down on Facebook Live videos that aren’t exactly live. Well, not in the ‘real-time action’ type sense, anyway.

What we’re talking about is shown below. This doesn’t seem like it’s exactly what ‘live’ is supposed to be about, and Facebook agrees – as per TechCrunch, The Social Network is adding a section to its Facebook Live usage policy which reads:

How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Engagement with Followers

how to use facebook live to increase engagement with followers

Did you know that people are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been prerecorded? Facebook Live is generating tons of engagement on news feeds...and brands are taking notice.

Live streaming allows you to genuinely connect with your audience and foster relationships that quickly builds trust. It captures attention, draws viewers in and moves them to action.