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3 Reasons to Try Facebook’s Lead Capture Forms

3 reasons to try facebooks lead capture forms

Facebook’s improved lead capture forms are working wonders for small-medium size businesses.

In this post, I'll outline three reasons why so many companies are happy with the new option.

4 Recent Facebook Updates Businesses Should Know

FB9-4Are you staying up-to-date with the most recent Facebook updates and other changes? If you’re not, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some of the social network’s most recent announcements and updates that affect businesses.

1. Updates to the News Feed Algorithm (Again!)

Facebook has announced two major changes to the News Feed algorithm in the last couple of weeks. Both affect businesses and how you craft your Facebook posts.

5 Tips on How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business

5 tips on how to use facebook groups for your business

There are so many ways to connect with your audience on Facebook, one of which is starting a dedicated Facebook group. Creating a group solely focused on talking to your customers, and sharing content they will love, can add real value to your business, and with Facebook's more recent updates to groups - including the ability to link groups to Pages - they're now a more viable consideration than ever.

The biggest mistake many businesses make is creating a group and then just spamming members with links to their website. This is not what a Facebook group should be about.

A Silly Look Inside The Mario Maker Level Hackathon At Facebook HQ

7-31marioThe latest perk of working at Facebook: getting to play the new Nintendo game Super Mario Maker a month before it comes out. Yesterday, Facebook hosted a hackathon where 100 employees built their own levels using Mario Maker.

Coming soon to Facebook: Video ads that follow you from device to device

FB7-21Advertisers on Facebook see the emerging method of sequential mobile advertising as a way to better control their branding message with consumers on social media.

Sequential video advertising allows marketers to place targeted video ads in front of a user when they click an ad on their mobile device. Based on what the person clicks, and what the product or message is, marketers are then able to follow up with similar video ads as they hop from one device to another.

Facebook Adds GIFs in Comments, Releases New Data to Celebrate 30 Years of GIFs

facebook adds gifs in comments releases new data to celebrate 30 years of gifs

Is it pronounced with a soft ‘g’, as in ‘giraffe’ or a hard ‘g’ like ‘gorilla’?

However you say it, there’s no denying the ubiquity of the GIF. The Graphics Interface Format, founded by Steve White while working for CompuServe in 1987, has taken on a whole new lease of life in the modern era, with advances in network capacity making it easier than ever to share these short, micro-snippets of video to help express your opinion on whatever grabs your attention.

Facebook Cracks Down on Static Images as Video and Fake Video Play Buttons with New Algorithm Update

facebook cracks down on static images as video and fake video play buttons

As with everything in the online realm, at some point, scammers are going to find loopholes in system processes to artificially boost their presence.

In SEO, for example, Google has to constantly evolve its algorithm to stay a step ahead, and they can’t reveal the inner workings of their process for fear of people seeking out vulnerabilities. Facebook too has to continually refine and tweak its algorithm to ensure people aren’t being inundated with junk – if they were to over-emphasize Page Likes, for example, Like sellers would ramp up their promotions.

Facebook Enhances Remarketing Capabilities With New Features

facebookimage1Facebook has unveiled two new enhancements to help brands build awareness and advertise to consumers who have already visited their websites.

The improved remarketing capabilities include multi-product ads and new changes to Custom Audiences.

The multi-product ads, available on both desktop and mobile, appear as a slideshow, where marketers can showcase three products within a single ad unit. Facebook says this feature increases the likelihood of a person seeing a product and further clicking on the ad.

Facebook finally opens its data firehose to select advertisers

3-11fbUntil now, Facebook has been wary of doling out big data to advertisers. It's a practice long used by Twitter — a company that has profited immensely from it.

But now, the social media giant is finally making its firehose available to a select group through Topic Data, a new analytics tool developed with DataSift, an analytics company.

For now, Topic Data will only be available in the U.S. and U.K. to a "limited number of DataSift's partners." All of the partners will be Facebook-approved.

Facebook goes all-in on stickers, bets millennials will love ‘em

FB10-14Actually, Facebook first launched stickers back in April 2013, but only in private messages. Now Facebook is rolling out the feature to timeline posts, enabling users to voice their opinions with a Pusheen cat, a smiley, or anything else in Facebook’s Sticker Store. Initally only available in Japan, the feature appears to be rolling out globally today.

Unfortunately, these stickers won’t boost your brand’s engagement stats any time soon — they’re not available for use on pages at the moment. Here’s a closer look at stickers on Facebook:

Facebook Is Adding New Custom Audience Options to Improve Ad Targeting

facebook is adding new custom audience options to improve ad targeting

Facebook’s adding two new Custom Audience creation options, with ‘Dwell time’ and ‘Link sharing’ added to the listing for some users.

First spotted by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, the new options provide more ways to hone in your Facebook ads on likely more responsive groups.

Facebook is guessing what links you like

facebook links you may likeIn a new test, Facebook has started promoting links to other sites in a “Links you may like” feature. How well does Facebook know you?

Facebook is Launching a New Ad Format Based on Catalogs

facebook is launching a new ad format based on catalogs

Facebook is launching a new ad product which looks to expand on the best elements of the traditional marketing catalogue approach.

As first reported by Business Insider, the new units are called ‘lifestyle templates’ and will take the user from a News Feed add to an interactive display unit, with each of the featured products in an image shown beneath.

Facebook launches Security Checkup tool globally to teach you what you should already know

7-30fbFacebook wants you to know about the security-centric tools that are already in your Facebook account, so in the coming weeks (possibly from today) you’ll start seeing a little prompt at the top of your feed asking you to go through a three-step process. Or you can kickstart it yourself today by going here.

Today’s launch comes a few months after Facebook first revealed it was testing the feature. But now it’s available for everyone.

Facebook Lets Users Send Businesses Private Messages

8-5 privFacebook is going to give businesses some social customer support power that is usually provided by external management tools.

In order to provide a more integrated shopping experience, Facebook is adding a "Send Message" button that will allow users to send private messages to business pages directly from news feed ads.

Facebook Mobile’s New Collage Design Highlights Your Best Photos

Not every photo is worth exactly 1,000 words. That sweet pic of you skydiving is a lot more interesting than your lunch. So today Facebook profiles on iOS and Android apps are getting a new collage design for photos that enlarges your most-Liked pics, Facebook tells me. There’s also a new “Uploads” tab that shows all the photos you posted in one place so your friends don’t have to dig through pics scattered in different albums like before. And if they do want to explore your albums, they’ll see big cover photos for each rather than just a list of album names and tiny thumbnails.

Facebook Now up to 5 Million Advertisers, Announces New Video Metrics

facebook now up to 5 million advertisers announces new video metrics

Just as Facebook continues to add more users, so too are more advertisers flocking to the platform to tap into that audience.

This week, The Social Network has reported that there are now more than five million active advertisers on their platform. For comparison, Instagram reached its first million advertisers last month, while Facebook itself reported that it had reached four million advertisers only six months ago.

Facebook Offers Value Optimization Ads and Lookalike Audiences

facebook offers value optimization ads and lookalike audiences

Facebook wants to help marketers get more juice for their squeeze according to an announcement from Facebook Business this week.

Facebook ads have a couple new options for us -- specifically, a new value optimization tool and an updated value-based lookalike audiences tool. Both features draw on the capabilities of Facebook’s pixel, which mines data about audience behavior and interactions to help businesses understand and optimize their targeting ads.

Facebook Releases New Updates for Trending News, Trialing In-Feed News Units

facebook releases new updates for trending news trialing in feed news units

As part of its ongoing effort to bring more diversity of content into your News Feed - and avoid creating echo chambers where all users hear see is information that reinforces their existing beliefs - Facebook has announced another update to Trending Stories, while also adding in a new way to showcase trending news in your region.

The latest change to Trending Stories will see Facebook present a new carousel layout for each topic, highlighting a set of stories from a range of publications covering the issue which you can flip through.

Facebook Testing New QR Code System to Link Online Efforts to Offline Sales

facebook testing new qr code system to link online efforts to offline sales

Proving the return on investment of your social media efforts has long been a key challenge for social marketers, and one which, gradually, as social becomes a more prominent part of business, the platforms themselves are working to better facilitate.

Facebook has taken the lead on this, with options like ‘Conversion Lift’, which enables businesses to upload their point of sale data for comparison with Facebook records (Facebook can cross-check your in-store customers’ e-mails, for example, and tell if they saw your Facebook ads).

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Further Limit the Reach of Clickbait

facebook updates news feed algorithm to further limit the reach of clickbaitFacebook's rolling out a new News Feed algorithm update which focuses on reducing the reach of clickbait, which is still one of the most complained about elements of The Social Network.

As explained by Facebook:

“People tell us they don’t like stories that are misleading, sensational or spammy. That includes clickbait headlines that are designed to get attention and lure visitors into clicking on a link. In an effort to support an informed community, we’re always working to determine what stories might have clickbait headlines so we can show them less often.”

Facebook Updates News Feed to Combat ‘Low Quality’ Websites

facebook updates news feed to combat low quality websites

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update, this time focused on reducing the reach of links to websites which contain “little substantive content and have a large number of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads”. The changes will also relate to ads from these domains, which will be blocked entirely.

In other words, if your site’s covered in crappy ads, you’re gonna’ find it a lot harder to keep drawing significant traffic from Facebook.

Facebook Users Can Now DVR Content, Including Ads

FB7-22Facebook introduced an Instapaper-like feature on Monday called Save that lets people bookmark links, photos and videos shared on the social network and check them out later.

After users save a post on Facebook, they can pull up a new "Saved" tab to view their stockpile of time-delayed content. A person's saved content will remain private unless he or she decides to share it with their friends.

Facebook will sometimes pop up a gallery of things that users have saved in their news feeds to remind them of their stored content.

Facebook's Adding New Click to Messenger Ads in Instagram

facebooks adding new click to messenger ads in instagram

Facebook really thinks it makes sense for you to conduct direct conversations with brands via Messenger bots - you really should do it. To help facilitate this, The Social Network released ‘Click to Messenger’ ads on Facebook last November, which enable businesses to include a button to start up a DM interaction direct from the ad post.

While bots are not the explicit focus, they are in reality - and now, Facebook's extending Click to Messenger ads to Instagram, which will re-direct users to Messenger interactions – not to Instagram’s own messaging space.

Facebook's Adding New Profile Image Tools to Protect Users from Identity Theft and Misuse

facebooks adding new profile image tools to protect users from identity theft and misuse

As more and more people use social media more often, and upload more of their personal information to their profiles, identity theft and misuse becomes a much larger concern. This issue is particularly prevalent in India – according to research by Experian, identity theft is the most prominent form of fraud in the nation.

But identity theft isn’t the only way to misuse online data.

Facebook's Removing the Ability to Edit Link Previews - Here Are Your Alternatives

facebooks removing the ability to edit link previews here are your alternatives

Over the past few weeks, major publishers have been calling on Facebook to reverse their decision to remove the capacity to edit link previews when you post content to your Facebook Page.

As we’ve reported previously, back in April, Facebook announced a pending change to their Graph API which would remove the ability for Pages to edit link previews attached to posts – that change comes into effect this week, but the backlash has lead to Facebook providing a stay of execution, of sorts, on the feature for some Pages, with a new option that will enable publishers to maintain the capacity to edit previews.

Facebook's Rolling Out Group Membership Questions to Improve Filtering Process

facebooks rolling out group membership questions to improve filtering processBack in January, we reported that Facebook was testing a new application questionnaire feature for Facebook Groups to help refine and improve the group membership process. That test appears to have gone well – this week, The Social Network has confirmed that Group membership questions are being rolled out to all users.

As reported by TechCrunch, group admins will now be able to pose up to three questions for people requesting to join their Group to answer – this is what the layout of those questions looked like in the initial test phase.

Facebook's Testing a New 'Topics to Follow' Option to Get More Content into Your News Feed

facebooks testing a new topics to follow option to get more content into your news feed

In a recent session on Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and how it works, News Feed VP Adam Mosseri noted that one of their key areas of focus for News Feed moving forward will be discovery and helping users uncover more relevant information from Pages and people they don’t follow.

As explained by Mosseri:

“We want to a better job helping people learn about stuff that they might not even know exists yet, but they would love or find interesting or meaningful in their lives”

Facebook's Testing a New Way to Target Ads to People Who've Visited Your Store

facebooks testing a new way to target ads to people whove visited your store

Facebook's testing a new Custom Audiences option which would enable businesses to target ads at people who’ve visited their store, with a new ‘Store Visits’ option appearing for some advertisers.

As you can see below, the option would enable advertisers to ‘create a list of people who’ve previously visited your business location’. How, exactly, Facebook would compile this list would likely come down to matching store visitors with Location Services switched on against in store Wi-Fi signals, enabling them to estimate location.

Facebook’s New Moments App Now Automatically Creates Music Videos From Your Photos

8-25fbm1Facebook Moments, the social network’s recently launched photo-sharing app that aims to address the problem of getting friends to send each other the photos they’ve been hoarding on their own phones, is expanding to video. The app received its first major update today since its mid-June debut, and will now automatically create a video of your shared photos which you can customize, personalize and share back to Facebook.

Here's Why There's No Dislike Button on Facebook

FB10-22Like it or not, social media is an integral part of our lives. But sometimes, the etiquette can be a little fuzzy, especially when your only option is to hit that "like" button.

How do you properly acknowledge an event like a death in the family? Or share your opinion about a headline without participating in a quickly devolving comment thread? If you choose to "like" that post about your co-worker's surgery or your friend's kid's missing pet, will it come off as supportive or flippant?

How to Build a Community Around Your Business with Facebook Groups [Infographic]

how to build a community around your business with facebook groups

Chances are high that you’re a member of a few Facebook Groups. It could be your local community “for sale” group, or maybe you’re in a group that helps you network with others in your niche. Either way, whatever groups you are in, it’s because of the high-value that comes from the group’s members and leaders.

Building a Facebook Group around your brand or business can be a great way to connect with your customers while putting your social proof front-and-center. Facebook Groups are incredibly popular right now, an that’s, in-part, due to the value that comes from having a community of like-minded individuals.

Marauder's Map, a Facebook stalker's dream, gets the axe

5-29FBMMarauder's Map, a Chrome extension that showed your Facebook friends' exact physical whereabouts, was officially axed on Thursday.

Harvard computer science major Aran Khanna, an incoming Facebook intern, announced he had created Marauder's Map in a Medium post earlier this week. For a time, users who downloaded the Chrome extension gained access to a map that precisely pinpointed the location of their friends on a map that popped up in Facebook on desktop. The caveat: Facebook friends also needed to be Messenger users, since the app tracks user locations by default.

The Top 10 Reasons You're Still Clinging to Facebook

FB7-10Facebook has us hooked, and most of us aren't saying goodbye anytime soon.

The thought of deleting your Facebook account permanently has probably crossed your mind. But whether it's FOMO or wanting to keep in touch with others, something holds us back and we're unable to escape the social media giant.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we're still clinging to Facebook.

What You Need to Know About Facebook's New 'Dynamic Creative' Ads Tool

what you need to know about facebooks new dynamic creative ads tool

This week, Facebook announced the release of the new dynamic creative tool.

Previously only available in Facebook’s Power Editor, this powerful tool is now available in the updated Ads Manager (the new version has not been rolled out to everyone just yet).

With Reactions, Facebook Supercharges The Like Button With 6 Empathetic Emoji

1-12fbIn September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some waves when he hinted Facebook was working on a way to expand its famous Like button — not by adding the much-fabled “dislike” option, but by making it way more empathetic, expressing sadness and other emotions. Today, Facebook is taking the wraps off what form the new Like may take. It is rolling out “Reactions,” a new set of six emoji that will sit alongside the original thumbs-up to let users quickly respond with love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger.