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The Evolution of Apps – And What's Coming Next [Infographic]

the evolution of apps and whats coming next

Maybe you forgot, but there was almost certainly a time when you were thrilled to download Evernote (“You mean I can make a note on my phone and the same note will be instantly available on my computer?”).

Today, the original release of Evernote - or Angry Birds, or Candy Crus, or whatever app got you hooked years ago - wouldn’t be all that impressive. We take them for granted.

Take just the other day for example, when Instagram launched face filters (a Snapchat clone in just about every possible way). Years ago, of course, this would have been revolutionary.

The Evolution of Birthdays on Facebook [Infographic]

the evolution of birthdays on facebook

Facebook’s always pushing to get people sharing more content on their platform, and one of the key events around which Facebook sees significant interaction is birthdays, with more than 45 million people sharing birthday wishes every day.

And birthdays are particularly important in sparking new engagement between users – according to a study conducted by The Association for Computing Machinery, a significant amount of personal interactions on Facebook, particularly between people who don’t communicate often, happen because of birthdays.

The Evolution of Instagram Ads [Infographic]

the evolution of instagram ads

In 2010, two guys got together and said, “Let’s start a platform where users from all over the world can take a picture of what they are doing at that exact moment and share it with whoever wants to see it on an app platform.

Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?” In full transparency, I wasn’t there for this conversation, but I assume it went something like that or maybe more similar to the Internship scene.

The Evolution of Social Media Influencers [Infographic]

the evolution of social media influencers

Social media influencer sounds like a fake job, right? Well it turns out this is one of the hottest jobs right now, thanks to the rise of the medium.

These days people can make themselves famous on social media by building a following around their passion, whatever that may be, and then convert that into a living by charging companies to place ads in the mix with their social media posts. The next time your Mom tells you that you spend too much time on your phone you can tell her you’re just building your career.