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7 Emails Your eCommerce Store Needs to Send Out on an Automated Basis [Infographic]

7 emails your ecommerce store needs to send out on an automated basis

Are you hesitating about incorporating emails into your online marketing strategy? Think that this method is past its prime? Well, think again.

More than 70% of customers chose email over other online channels, including social media, mobile apps, direct mail, and text messaging. Not convinced? How about the fact that email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent?

7 Ways to Help Boost the Performance of Your Confirmation Emails

7 ways to help boost the performance of your confirmation emails

The confirmation email might be the least used way to make a real connection. Which is too bad because a confirmation email is a huge opportunity. It connects you with a person who has already decided to interact with your organization. They're already interested. They’ve already acted on that interest. So you need to make it count.

Wait, don’t know what a confirmation email is?

How to Design Great Emails that Drive Audience Response [Infographic]

how to design great emails that drive audience response

Email marketing is a key element of your digital connection process, one which becomes even more crucial every time Facebook further limits organic reach, and other platforms more towards similar, algorithm-defined process.

Of course, ideally you can make all elements of digital marketing work for you in unison, maximizing your performance, but either way, email is an important strategic consideration - and one which also requires research and experimentation to get it right.

How to Prioritize Your Inbox For Maximum Productivity [Infographic]

how to prioritize your inbox for maximum productivity

Digital marketing professionals spend way more than half their waking lives with their eyes locked on computer screens, smartphones and devices, so much so that it becomes a whole new environment for them.

If you find yourself wading daily through a mess of notifications, personal messages, random spam and unattended comments, you can make life a lot more pleasant by clearing out your email inbox. It takes a bit of work to get it clear in the first place but, once you’ve spring-cleaned and you have it looking handsome and organized, keeping it so is just a matter of good discipline.

New Free Lookbook - Improve Your Email Open Rates & Conversions with these 20 Eye-Catching Designs


mkt8-13What separates the awesome emails from the ones that go directly to the trash? Two things: the headline and the graphics! Download Marketo's new eBook, Email Lookbook Spring/Summer 2014, to see examples of exceptional marketing emails and learn how you can employ these clever design ideas and tips to increase your own email performance!

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Set It But Don't Forget It: How to Maximize Email Marketing Automation

set it but dont forget it how to maximize email marketing automation

Email marketing isn’t new, and it isn’t trendy. But it does have one thing in its favor – when it’s done right, it’s devastatingly effective.

Other mediums have their place in your overall marketing strategy, but few are likely to deliver a ROI that can even come close to email. Trends come and go and social networks rise and fall but email continues to prove its worth for driving sales, raising brand awareness and delivering highly targeted marketing messages.

The Importance of Email Typography [Infographic]

the importance of email typography

While email marketers are going crazy with images, GIFs, videos and other eye-catching ways to allure email subscribers, there's one basic, yet effective, element that can make your emails stand out among the rest in the most subtle way - typography.

What exactly is typography?