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New Free Lookbook - Improve Your Email Open Rates & Conversions with these 20 Eye-Catching Designs


mkt8-13What separates the awesome emails from the ones that go directly to the trash? Two things: the headline and the graphics! Download Marketo's new eBook, Email Lookbook Spring/Summer 2014, to see examples of exceptional marketing emails and learn how you can employ these clever design ideas and tips to increase your own email performance!

DOWNLOAD NOW FREE: Full Link - http://pages2.marketo.com/email-lookbook-2014-socialmediopolis-august2014.html?source=Email-Sponsored&comment=socialmediopolis-emailsponsored-august2014&_kk=&offer=Email%20Lookbook%20Spring/Summer%202014&utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=na
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Inside this lookbook, you'll see emails with:
- Attention grabbing headlines that work wonders
- Eye-catching designs you can copy
- Clever text ideas to improve click-throughs
- Fresh new ideas from experienced experts

Set It But Don't Forget It: How to Maximize Email Marketing Automation

set it but dont forget it how to maximize email marketing automation

Email marketing isn’t new, and it isn’t trendy. But it does have one thing in its favor – when it’s done right, it’s devastatingly effective.

Other mediums have their place in your overall marketing strategy, but few are likely to deliver a ROI that can even come close to email. Trends come and go and social networks rise and fall but email continues to prove its worth for driving sales, raising brand awareness and delivering highly targeted marketing messages.