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10 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

10 ways to improve your landing page conversion rate

Landing pages and conversions go hand-in-hand, or at least, they do if your landing pages have been fully optimized and meticulously refined to improve every last element.

Whatever your business and whatever your goals, the purpose of landing pages remains unchanged and will do until the end of time – to convert. Ideally, you want every page on your website optimized for conversions, but landing pages need extra focus.

6 Tips to Make Landing Page Forms Get More Clicks [Infographic]

6 tips to make landing page forms get more clicks

Landing pages are essential to inbound marketing and online sales - they're how you get your prospects to opt-in or buy. Everything on a landing page - the images, the messaging, the colors - is designed to be compelling, to entice the prospect to give you their email or money.

The only component on a landing page that causes friction is the form. For prospects, the form is work. Ask for too much, and they might leave without downloading or buying. Ask for too little, and your sales team can't follow up effectively.

How to 3X AdWords Conversion Rates Without Touching AdWords

how to 3x adwords conversion rates without touching adwords

Over the last six months or so, one of my colleagues and I have been able to cut the cost of conversion by 2-3x, from over $325 per conversion to under $100.

Pretty impressive, right? If you can cut your cost per conversion that much, you can drive way more conversions with the same advertising budget. So how did this happen?