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20 Effective Ways to Stop Boring Your Readers [Infographic]

20 effective ways to stop boring your readers

Does your blog struggle to keep readers interested and coming back for more? Are you looking for ways to be a little less boring?

MyTasker shares 20 effective ways to stop boring your blog readers in the infographic below.

They emphasize the importance of readability - keep words, sentences and paragraphs short and free of fluff.

3 Key Considerations for Creating Stand-Out Vertical Video Content

3 key considerations for creating stand out vertical video content

From Instagram Stories to Snapchat Discover, vertical video is proving itself a robust new medium that is defining the aesthetic practices of native content for phone screens.

We’ve previously covered the vertical video basics regarding location selection and composition. For the final article in this series, we'll take a step back and explore the possibilities, new traditions, and considerations to make when planning content for the full screen phone.

3 Ways to Utilize User-Generated Content to Amp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 ways to utilize user generated content to amp up your digital marketing strategy

So, your local search marketing is all in order. Your ranking is improving, and citation building is an integral part of your strategy.

That’s great, but to build a competitive strategy, your business needs a little something extra. Enter user-generated content (content created by customers and followers - also called UGC).

If you know the right places to search, you can quickly find and share content that was created by customers and social media followers. This is an easy way to find marketing content to share with consumers when you're strapped for time and money.

4 Beautiful Social Media Content Ideas that Drive Engagement

4 beautiful social media content ideas that drive engagement

Are you struggling with publishing remarkable social content that captures attention? Perhaps you’re seeking ways to spice up your business social media pages to drive better engagement.

Whatever the goal, your reasons are valid in wanting to improve your social media strategy. You see, more consumers desire to connect and engage with their favorite brands on social. Getting creative with your content is key to keeping them interacting on your pages.

4 Ways Quality Content Improves SEO Rankings

4-9-22To improve search rankings for content "it is no longer good enough to concentrate on the number of links or keywords" says the latest SearchMetrics Report, Ranking Factors Study 2014.

The study concludes that high quality, relevant content with semantically comprehensive wording is the way to improve your SEO rankings but "the absolute primary focus for content... is quality."The report makes for interesting reading and highlights in some detail this year the nature of content that performs well in SEO rankings. Based on the survey data SearchMetrics argue that "websites need to produce more content in order to remain competitive in search."They go on to say more content needs to meet several quality criteria but relevance is critical. They say "to rank higher, sites must produce not just more content, but more relevant, holistic content." The report highlights four content factors that correlate with higher rankings as follows:

4 Ways to Revise Your Content, as Opposed to Rewriting

4 ways to revise your content as opposed to rewriting

As a writer, you learn pretty early on that not everyone is going to like everything you write. You may put your heart and soul into a piece of content, only to have 800 angry internet strangers tear it to shreds in the comments section.

In marketing, you’ve probably encountered similar situations, but instead of anonymous trolls, it’s your boss or client saying, “Yeah, this just isn’t quite right.” Or maybe he or she thinks it’s well-written but it needs more of something, or less of something, or to be refocused. Even if you think you created a spot-on piece of content, whoever gets to offer critique may disagree, and send you right back to the drawing board.

5 Steps to Creating Awesome Content [Infographic]

5 steps to creating awesome content

Creating content is a great way to boost brand awareness, increase your SEO standing and boost your digital presence.

It's also difficult. It can be tough to find the right subjects to cover, the information your audience really wants and needs.

5 Ways to Come Up With Valuable Content Ideas for Your 2018 Editorial Calendar

5 ways to come up with valuable content ideas for your 2018 editorial calendar

A new year is here. Now people all across the web are getting ready to launch their new marketing campaigns, with high hopes for 2018. The time is right for some fresh, exciting content.

But unfortunately, coming up with relevant topics can be difficult, especially when you're planning out an extended editorial calendar - meaning you have to think of many, many, many topics to cover.

55+ Proven Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [Infographic]

55 proven ways content marketing can help your business

Content marketing is a proven commodity that marketers can employ to get results. In fact, more than 85% of marketers use content marketing to generate more engagement and increase sales.

Marketing departments are spending an average of 13% of their budgets on content marketing today!

6 Steps to Create Long-Form Content for Your Blog [Infographic]

6 steps to create long form content for your blog

Are you looking to create more effective, high-quality content for your blog?

One way to achieve that is to create long-form content -- that’s posts with more than 2,000 words. But how do you do this successfully?

7 Tips that Make Maintaining Evergreen Content Easier

7 tips that make maintaining evergreen content easier

Evergreen content is defined differently by many different content experts - Wordstream even wrote a blog post about what evergreen content is where they covered many different definitions. The one we like the best is this one:

"Continues to be relevant long past its publication"

Evergreen content is great because strangers keep finding it and coming to your site to consume it, giving you traffic, improving your SEO, and expanding your reach to new visitors who might be interested in your products and services.

BuzzSumo Adds 'Question Analyzer' to Help Provide New Content Ideas

buzzsumo adds question analyzer to help provide new content ideas

Content discovery app BuzzSumo recently added a new feature that could provide significant help to those looking for new content ideas – and importantly, ideas that resonate with their target market.

The new tool, which adds to BuzzSumo’s expanding list of features, is called ‘Question Analyzer’, and it helps provide relevant context by crawling ‘hundreds of thousands of forums, as well as sites such as Quora, Reddit and Amazon’ in order to pinpoint the key questions people are seeking answers to on any topic or niche.

Content Marketing is Much More than Just Top-Funnel Content

content marketing is much more than just top funnel content

Fresh off the heels of this year’s Content Marketing World, I left with the sense that many people believe that content marketing is simply an exercise in creating helpful quality content which doesn’t sell anything. That simply isn’t the case.

Content marketing should fill the information needs at every stage of the marketing, sales and customer service funnel - if not, brands can have a leaky hourglass.

Content Marketing's Secret Sauce [INFOGRAPHIC]

5-7SSContent Marketing Discontent?

How would you rate your content marketing? Do you produce enough content? Frequently enough? Are you hitting your goals?

You're not alone if you suspect the whole content marketing thing could be going more smoothly. According to a new infographic (below) from the team at Bloomfire, 70% of marketers say their content programs lack consistency and an overall strategy. More than two-thirds of marketers say they don't have enough time to develop all the content they need.

Facebook Adds Live-Stream 'Tipping' for Gaming Content

facebook adds live stream tipping for gaming content

Facebook’s taking the next step in their efforts to attract more gaming content to their platform by opening up a new tipping system which will enable viewers to donate money to their favorite gaming live-streamers as they watch.

Facebook tests pre-roll ads, shifts Ad Breaks to longer content

facebook tests pre roll ads shifts ad breaks to longer content

Facebook confirmed it will begin testing pre-roll video ads on the platform’s video-centric features such as Watch in a blog post outlining several updates to its video distribution and monetization strategy. The test will start with six-second pre-roll ads.

How Influencer Content Has Put Fashion and Beauty Brands Ahead on Instagram

how influencer content has put fashion and beauty brands ahead on instagram

Marketers are seeing growing demand from audiences to share more authentic and transparent content, and they face the constant challenge of staying relevant and competing for attention across critical touchpoints.

However, these days, content creation is no longer just in the hands of brands and agencies. Influencers are also now playing a key role in the stories brands communicate.

How to Get Your Content Published on Big Websites

how to get your content published on big websites

Publishing on a big site can open doors, can get your organization’s name in front of people you would not be able to reach otherwise, and it can increase your authority, which has SEO benefits.

Placing your organization’s messaging in the best place for it to reach your potential audience is an important part of content marketing, and for some pieces of content, a bigger site, like the Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, or Social Media Today, might be that best place.

LinkedIn Releases New Report on How Employee-Shared Content Can Drive Audience Action

linkedin releases new report on how employee shared content can drive audience action

With social media giving everyone a voice, employee advocacy – and expanding your marketing reach throughout your employees’ social networks – has become a much more significant consideration. LinkedIn is one of various platforms that have sought to tap into this trend, via their employee advocacy program ‘Elevate’, which aims to help encourage employee engagement on social in a way that helps boost your wider brand efforts.

According to LinkedIn, on average, employees have around 10x more connections on social than companies do, and through tools like Elevate, businesses can use this as a means to expand their reach.

On the Future of Content: An Interview with Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo

on the future of content an interview with steve rayson of buzzsumo

If you’ve never used BuzzSumo, you’re missing out. BuzzSumo is one of the best content discovery and improvement tools available, offering a range of insights into social performance, influencers and backlink data - there’s a heap of ways you can utilize BuzzSumo’s many data points to get in-depth, actionable measures to improve your content process.

This week, the man behind BuzzSumo, Steve Rayson, is launching a new app called Anders Pink, which provides detailed overviews of the latest news from your chosen networks.

Pinterest Has Added a Range of New Custom Presentation Options for Pin Content

pinterest launches new planning calendar to assist with campaign optimization

As Pinterest continues to evolve its search tools and boost its core functionality, it’s also working to provide more presentation options to make it easier for users to display their Pin content how they’d like.

Last November, Pinterest added new board ‘Sections’, which enables users to divide their boards into specific sub-groupings within the main topic. Now, Pinterest’s adding a range of new tools along similar lines, giving you more ways to customize your Pin set-up.

Shrinking Content Budgets Drive the Need for Content Intelligence

shrinking content budgets drive the need for content intelligence

We’re beginning to see some poignant trends in our industry. It seems brands are reducing their content marketing budgets - as a percentage of overall marketing spend, content marketing has gone from being 29% of overall B2B marketing budgets down to 26%. For B2C, it’s dropped from 32% of overall marketing budgets down to 22%.

The Art & Science of a Successful Modern Marketer [Infographic]

the art science of a successful modern marketer

It's no simple task for a business to be successful at marketing today.

Marketers no longer have the luxury of specialization - in order to compete and thrive, they need a wide variety of skills, skills that incorporate both creativity from the right hemisphere of the brain and analytical thinking from the left hemisphere.

In short, today’s successful marketer must be both artist and scientist, because what works in marketing is both an art and a science.

The Last Thing Your Target Customer and Audience Wants From You is More Content

the last thing your target customer and audience wants from you is more content

Facebook recently announced some big changes coming to their News Feed algorithm which will impact brands of all sizes.

And as the social ecosystem of “experts” broke down, blogged about, and summarized their thoughts on these changes, what surprised me the most was how many marketers who claim to be knowledgeable in the space seemed shocked by the changes.

The Secret to Content Marketing

the secret to content marketing

I’m going to tell you a secret about content marketing – particularly blogging. In fact, I can sum it up in one word and that’s ‘voice.’

I believe the best blogs are those that offer perspective.

Let’s use my client, Leonard Baer (known to most as “Lennie”) as an example. Lennie is an elder law attorney with dual practices in Highlands, NC and Palm Beach, FL. His niche is the protection of seniors from financial abuse and fraud.

Website Basics: Choosing the Best Website Content

website basics choosing the best website content

Building a small business website can be a fun design process. There are innumerable options for color palettes, page layouts, image and icon choices, and typography.

However, your content is just as important as the website’s stylistic design as it is what keeps your visitors on your page and encourages them to come back.

What Motivates LinkedIn Users to Engage with Content? [Infographic]

what motivates linkedin users to engage with content

LinkedIn’s publishing platform offers a great opportunity for brands and individuals to showcase their knowledge to a captive audience of professionals, helping to boost their industry status.

But with more than 100,000 posts uploaded to LinkedIn every week, the competition for attention is fierce, and the reality is that unless your post gets picked up by LinkedIn’s Pulse editorial team and shared on a specific channel, it isn’t likely to reach beyond your first degree connections - if it reaches all of them.

What the Most Shared Content on Facebook Can Teach You About Engagement

facebook signed a new deal which will enable users to include popular music in their videos

When publishers post content on Facebook, the goal is to grab as much positive attention as possible, while engaging with your audience. But figuring out how to do that isn't always easy.

Luckily, some recently released research can teach you a lot about viral content creation, particularly when it comes to how you use video.

Why Content is Important for SEO [Infographic]

why content is important for seo

No matter how you look at it, content remains a key part of the broader SEO puzzle.

As advanced as Google algorithms have become at identifying elements like context and relevance, the system still needs keywords to sort the information, the data that you enter via your various website pages.

Your Audience is Telling You What Content They Want - Are You Listening? [Infographic]

your audience is telling you what content they want are you listening

When you work with an organization for years (or even months), the industry lingo, company product offerings, and mission statements become ingrained in everything you do.

For marketers, this can be both a blessing and curse: Being knowledgeable about your industry is crucial to good marketing, but it may also come with a knowledge bias that makes it difficult to see things from the perspective of your actual customers.