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[New Free Webinar] AUTHENTIC ADVERTISING: How Marketers are Leveraging Social Content to PERSUADE and ENGAGE Rather than Promote – Tuesday, Sept. 1, 12n EST/ 9am PST

8-26webinarIf your brand is used to shouting its message on every social channel and wary of joining the digital customer exchange - this webinar is for you. The latest statistics say that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over branded messages. In this word-of-mouth economy, how can marketers be effective? Luckily, using social content in such a way that it encourages persuasive consumer conversation can drive serious tangible results. Leveraging the social conversation has proven to be more powerful than traditional advertising because of the way it spurs and mimics word-of-mouth recommendations and earns the trust of customers.

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8 Ways to Massively Grow Your Pinterest Audience

9-3eightwaysBefore he became the co-founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann moved to California and started working for Google in customer support before eventually starting a business.

He says, of his then move from Des Moines, Iowa, to the Valley:

Being close to people that inspire you is a very good first step.

Facebook Announces New Guidelines on Content Monetization and Advertising Censorship

facebook announces new guidelines on content monetization and advertising censorship

Over the past year, Facebook’s been skirting around the definition of what it is – or more specifically, Facebook’s actively worked to avoid being labeled a media company. And that makes sense – Facebook sees itself as more of a facilitator, a platform for anyone to share their voice. They don’t make editorial decisions, they simply provide the tools through which to share content.

But increasingly, that stance has been tested, particularly as The Social Network has been pushed to crack down on controversial content and misuses of their platform.

FMCG Brands and Holiday Content [Infographic]

fmcg brands and holiday content

It may not feel like it, but Christmas is now less than 35 days away. If you haven't got your seasonal marketing strategy locked in, now's the time - and this new data from Socialbakers underlines the importance of sharing your message early in the season.

Socialbakers' new report looks at the fast-moving consumer goods sector, highlighting the types of content that performed best, when brands generated the most reaction, and platform-specific breakdowns on what audiences want.

How to Effectively Curate Content [Infographic]

how to effectively curate content

Curation is the act of compiling relevant materials into one, easily digestible source.

Curated content is often shared on social media pages or blog articles, and it can be a great way to increase visibility and build your profile.

Why Long-Form Content Performs Better and How to Create it [Infographic]

why long form content performs better and how to create it

As soon as the term "content marketing" became a trending buzzword several years ago, companies began scrambling to pump out blog posts. After all, it's as easy as slapping some words together and hitting the 'publish' button, right?

There's a range of factors which will determine the success of your content, including length. Long-form content, which is typically described as being longer than 2,000 words, has proven to perform better, in terms of SEO and social shares, helping to boost visibility.