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Brands to Spend Big on Social Media This Holiday Season (Infographic)

HS10-8Social media is no longer an experiment. With more than 1.5 billion active users on Facebook and Twitter alone, social media has matured into a critical channel for retailers looking to get a big chunk of the estimated $650 billion that will be spent on holiday shopping this season.

According to recently released research from digital marketing platform Offerpop, 67 percent of marketers plan to increase their social media budgets this holiday season. Brands also appear to be sticking to proven social media platforms, with 92 percent of marketers saying they will spend the majority of their budget on Facebook.

What Consumers Want from eCommerce Websites [Infographic]

what consumers want from ecommerce websites

What are consumers really looking for from eCommerce websites?

That's the question MDG Advertising sought to answer with their latest report - they went looking through various consumer studies and data resources to establish the five key elements that consumers have identified as essential elements of the eCommerce experience.

Why Consumers are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives [Infographic]

why consumers are embracing voice assistants in their lives

With the use of voice assistants on the rise, and projected to continue that ascent into the future, conversational commerce presents a new opportunity for brands to build new connections and processes to help cater for this emerging discovery behavior.

Why Inbound Marketing is Better Suited to Modern Consumers than Outbound Tactics

why inbound marketing is better suited to modern consumers than outbound tactics

Have you bought into the concept of inbound marketing, or do you think this is a contradiction in terms?

We’re so used to the idea that marketing should be outbound, we ignore the evidence in front of our own eyes - and this evidence proves inbound marketing works a lot better than outbound, largely because of the fact inbound marketers spend less time trying to “persuade” the prospect.