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Facebook Suspends Potentially Discriminatory Ad Targeting Options, but Further Concerns Remain

facebook suspends potentially discriminatory ad targeting options but further concerns remain

Facebook has this week announced that it’s suspending the ability to target ads by excluding racial groups in order to give them time to investigate the issue. Again.

For the second time in the last year or so, an investigation has shown that Facebook’s intricate ad targeting options can be used to skirt federal laws, specifically in regards to housing.

The Logan Paul Incident Highlights a Key Concern for Influencer Marketing

the logan paul incident highlights a key concern for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and looks set to become an even more significant consideration as we move into 2018 (according to the many prediction posts).

But the latest controversy surrounding YouTube star Logan Paul underlines the need for brands to exercise caution over which influencers they work with, and to understand the significant differences between influencer marketing and traditional ads and media approaches.