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Facebook Expands 'Community Boost' Local Education Program to More U.S. Cities

facebook expands community boost local education program to more us

What do you do if you’re Facebook?

Amid the waves of criticism over the way in which Facebook data has reportedly been misused to effectively penetrate people’s thoughts and target their psychological weak points, The Social Network is tasked with not only weathering the storm, but also keeping their ongoing initiatives moving, which includes getting more people to use Facebook more often.

Facebook's 'Community Boost' will Teach Digital Literacy to Smaller Communities

facebooks community boost will teach digital literacy to smaller communities

Facebook’s looking to help communities as part of its mission to ‘bring the world closer together’. So how can Facebook facilitate more connectedness and inclusion, and unite community groups? By teaching them Facebook and associated digital skills.

It may seem like a bit of a stretch – particularly given the way that Facebook has, reportedly, been used by foreign entities to fuel civic division – but as Facebook broadens its community focus, The Social Network has announced that it will embark on a new initiative which will see Facebook’s ‘Community Boost’ team visit 30 US cities in 2018.