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Facebook's New PR Campaign Wants Us To Remember the Good Old Days

facebooks new pr campaign wants us to remember the good old days

Facebook has been under the spotlight ever since the Cambridge Analytica news surfaced.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team have acknowledged the bad light their brand name has fallen under, not just with data misuse, but with the way people generally view their platform today.

How Will Facebook Change in the Wake of the Cambridge Analytica Issue?

how to use facebook groups to build your audience

After one of the company’s toughest weeks on record, Facebook has now been left with a significant mess to clean up. But how can the company do it - what can Zuckerberg and Co. do to repair their brand, and reassure users that their data is safe?

Why the Cambridge Analytica Discussion Needs to Shift to Data Misuse More Broadly

why the cambridge analytica discussion needs to shift to data misuse more broadly

There are a few considerations that feel slightly off-center in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica story.

Not the story itself – the misuse of people’s personal data is clearly a major concern, and the fact that such insights could, potentially, be used to influence people’s political leanings, in order to get a chosen candidate into power, through almost sub-conscious means, is frightening on many levels.