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11 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Google Rankings [Infographic]

11 technical seo tips to boost google rankings

So, you want to rank higher on Google and you’re reading up on SEO - but is your website sound from a technical point of view?

Joint Views share their technical SEO tips for success in this infographic.

12 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Presence

12 ways to boost your instagram presence

Instagram is more than just a mobile photo and video sharing social network, it provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to reveal insights into the core of their brand identity in a visual, creative and engaging way.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Performance

3 easy ways to boost your email marketing performance

Like most marketing agencies, we do a lot of email marketing for our clients. When you do something a lot and spend time perfecting your approach, you sometimes forget how important some of the little steps are. I was reminded of this at a marketing meetup I attended recently.

6 Ways to Boost Your Brand Presence on Twitter

6 ways to boost your brand presence on twitter

Over the 12 years of its existence, Twitter has evolved into a powerful marketing platform, now used by thousands of business to engage with their audiences and build their brands. What began with 140 characters has grown to 280 characters, and incorporates videos, chats, polls, and more.

7 Down and Dirty Ways to Boost Social Media Performance Fast

7 down and dirty ways to boost social media performance fast

Can you believe some people actually think social media as a marketing strategy is dying?

No joke - I've actually listened to experts in the promotional field talk about how oversaturated and useless social media has become and that we should only be using it for social ads.

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance

7 tools to help boost your youtube performance

YouTube's not the only video marketing platform anymore, but it's still the biggest, with over 1.5 billion monthly logged in viewers solely consuming video content.

And while Facebook and Twitter are making video a bigger focus, YouTube remains a key video destination - if you're looking to make the most of your video marketing efforts, YouTube should definitely be on your list.

9 Free Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

9 free tools to boost your content marketing efforts

Content marketing is often a game of marginal gains, but if you stay committed to publishing interesting, insightful and entertaining material that resonates with target audiences, you’ll soon reap the rewards of increased brand loyalty.

As a prolific content agency, my team and I produce thousands of online articles and social media posts every year, helping our clients extend their reach by adding value to the wider conversations surrounding their varied business niches.

Twitter's Adding 'Sponsored Moments' Which Could Give the Option a New Boost

twitters adding more notification types to boost awareness and engagement

Have Twitter Moments ever become a thing?

I mean, they’re still there, obviously, they’re still a part of the wider Twitter experience, but they never really took off how Twitter had hoped – that being a new way for users to discover the best of what the platform has to offer in an easy, user-friendly way.

Why Twitter Threads Will Boost Narratives

twitters adding more notification types to boost awareness and engagement

A while ago I wrote about the importance of social media stories, and why they matter in the context of building a narrative.

The platforms succeeding with the stories format have two things in common – ease of use and access to users.