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B2B Social Media Brand Post Engagement Rates, By Industry And Platform

2016 social media impact reportB2B brands active on social media saw their highest engagement rates (number of interactions per post per 1,000 followers) last year on Instagram, though that may change as interaction rates are declining on the platform and an algorithm change is pending.

10 Ways B2B Marketers Can Incorporate Video into their Content Marketing Strategy

10 ways b2b marketers can incorporate video into their content marketing strategy

If you have access to the internet, it’s likely that you’ve spent (and occasionally wasted) a good chunk of time watching and sharing video content.

The amount of time the average user spends watching digital video more than tripled between 2011 and 2015 - YouTube recently announced that more than a billion hours of video content is watched from their platform every day.

All the statistics make video seem like a no-brainer for any content marketing strategy, but when most of your personal favorite videos feature funny comedians, cute animals, or famous musicians, it can be difficult to imagine what video content would look like for your brand.

Facebook marketing lessons for B2B companies

Facebook CubeWhile LinkedIn is often the preferred platform for B2B social media, Facebook can be the difference in the success of your marketing, if done right.

When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s crucial to find how your goals overlap with the functionality of the platform being used. In the case of Facebook, there are a range of opportunities to flip the traditionally B2C platform in your favor.

Keep reading to find out how to get B2B marketing right on Facebook...

How to Yield Higher Marketing ROI: Coupling Smart Systems With Smart B2B Social Media Strategies

1-5ROIBy combining social media and marketing automation systems, companies can achieve a higher return on investment.

Many B2B brand marketers I come across struggle with the complex issue of spend on digital marketing systems and how that relates to driving targeted audience engagement, and finally, qualified ongoing lead generation. Concerns I often hear relate to making decisions around the types of systems, the spend on these systems, how to integrate these systems with their current CRM or social media management tools, how they can truly calculate marketing return on investment (ROI), or all of the above.

How Will You Use LinkedIn for Your B2B Marketing?

b2b 3There are a number of great ways to do your B2B marketing online these days. Any business owner that wants to grow and increase their reach would be wise to consider multiple options.

With this in mind, it is now worth considering whether or not the time is right to use LinkedIn for this important job. The answer is that it could be very worthwhile if you take the time to go about it in the right way. So how will you do this?

NASA social media a branding lesson for B2B marketers

Nasa lessons on B2B marketingNASA is an old hand at social media, selling inspiration, rather than products. The space agency maintains multiple social media accounts, with a focus on brand that business-to-business marketers can learn from, including conversational engagement.

The B2B Marketing Metrics That Matter the Most

B2B Marketing MetricsAs content marketers, there are a lot of things that we can and should be measuring—open rates, click through rates, number of visitors (unique and returning), number of users, conversion rates, number of impressions, social media likes and followers, and so on. 

The Best Social Selling Stacks for High-Performing B2B Sales People

the best social selling stacks for high performing b2b sales people

The secret to doing B2B social selling well is using the right social media stack - a group of technologies that salespeople leverage to execute, analyze and improve their social media activities - and tailoring it to B2B sales functionality.

According to CSO Insights, good social selling training increases win rates by 38% and quota attainment by 51%. If you're not yet comfortable using social selling, now's the time to get started.

The best technology resources for B2B marketing and sales

B2B Tech ResourcesBusiness-to-business marketing and sales teams should tap Unomy to help automate their processes, such as finding new leads and prioritizing targets. Other B2B technology tools that could be of interest include GrowthList, which identifies 5,000 growing tech companies, and Reply, which automates personalized emails.

The Case for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn [Infographic]

the case for b2b marketing on linkedin infographic

LinkedIn has long been known as the top social platform for B2B marketers, with the professional focus of the network aligning it more closely with internal business operations, as opposed to customer-facing opportunities.

Underlining this, LinkedIn has released a new infographic which outlines the key strengths of the platform from a B2B perspective.

The state of B2B digital commerce

B2B HurdlesA quarter of business-to-business marketers say that a majority of their company's sales happen online, and 40% say just 10% or less of their sales come from digital sales, per Accenture Interactive. The rise in mobile use is increasing digital purchases.

The Top 8 B2B Customer Marketing Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

the top 8 b2b customer marketing trends in 2017 infographic

The first quarter of 2017 is already past, and it's brought with it continued evolution of the customer marketing process. For clarity, customer marketing refers to the set of activities that aims to drive retention, loyalty, advocacy, growth and community participation with your current customers. What sets it apart from general marketing is that the goal is to build a stronger relationship with existing clients, as opposed to targeting new ones.

In recent years, the importance of customer marketing has increased steadily - in fact, a report from Influitive and Konye Marketing, titled “The State of Customer Marketing 2017”, revealed that 93% of B2B and hybrid B2B companies today are expecting that their customer marketing efforts will take on greater importance, with 62% planning to increase their staff and budgets this year.

What Were The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics of 2015?

B2B tacticsEven though many B2B marketers are already looking ahead to 2016, it may be worth recognizing the accomplishments of the past year. Why? Because a component of your B2B marketing strategy certainly needs to focus on leveraging the experience gained executing tactics and campaigns that worked well.

In an effort to shed light on how marketers tackled challenges and made strides in 2015, we spoke to a group of industry leaders across the B2B marketing space. Here is what they had to say about their most effective B2B marketing tactics over the past year.

Why every business needs a Chief Customer Experience Officer

Customer ExperienceCustomer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than those who don’t focus on the customer, according to research by Deloitte.  If we go back to basics, it is the customer who ultimately determines a business’ success; so why wouldn't they be central to everything that a business does? Customer experience has never been more important – the always-on customer has information and choices at their fingertips and wants everything now. But who manages this within your organisation? Is customer experience spread across silos within your business, all working separately and to different goals?

If this sounds like your business, it’s time to change. Appointing a Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO) is essential to drive your business forward, and here’s why: