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B2B Social Media Brand Post Engagement Rates, By Industry And Platform

2016 social media impact reportB2B brands active on social media saw their highest engagement rates (number of interactions per post per 1,000 followers) last year on Instagram, though that may change as interaction rates are declining on the platform and an algorithm change is pending.

12 Perfect Video Types for the B2B Customer Lifecycle [Infographic]

12 perfect video types for the b2b customer lifecycle

Video can play an important role in accelerating the journey from prospect to customer, and by now you probably know that video can be much more than just a top-of-funnel asset, more than a brand awareness tool. These days, consumers are craving video content more than any other type.

But when it comes to creating a video strategy - and one that’s particularly suited to your marketing plans throughout your funnel - video isn’t a one-size-fits-all medium.

5 Ways B2Bs Can Leverage Social for Success

5 ways b2bs can leverage social for success

I’m convinced those of us guiding social media strategy at B2B brands have to be even more creative than our B2C counterparts in many respects.

No offense to my awesome B2C colleagues - many of whom are creating great social experiences for their fans - but B2B brands have to work harder because they generally don't have the same broad appeal and brand affinity built in that B2Cs typically come with.

Simply put: We’re niche. Moreover, our brand voice is often less playful than our B2C counterparts and, thus, less of a natural fit for the lively, snarky, cacophonous conversations happening on most social networks.

7 Tips to Help B2B Businesses Manage Digital Marketing Over the Holidays

7 tips to help b2b businesses manage digital marketing over the holidays

This time of year, retailers are extremely busy, both in-store and online. But for other businesses, the end of the year and the holiday season are different.

For example, we work mostly with technology companies, businesses that offer hi-tech products, technical services, and professional services in support of technology companies.

A B2B guide to social media success

B2B guideA social media framework for B2B companies

There isn't a company today that isn't "doing social media." This clause means different things to different companies. While some companies, especially SaaS ones, are doing a great job at leveraging social media to grow their business, many companies are still in denial. To some, it is to have a Facebook page. To other, more sophisticated ones, it is to have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Reality check – if your social media pages have only a handful of followers, and if more than half of them are just your employees, then you are not “doing social media.”

B2B vs B2C: The Different Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

b2b vs b2c the different marketing strategies

While there are differences between Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) companies’ marketing strategies, these days there's one significant commonality - both are benefitting greatly from social media techniques.

But that said, each requires a very different approach - B2B brands tend to do better on LinkedIn, for example, which makes sense given the business focus of the platform. B2C brands are seeing more success on Facebook, and increasingly Instagram.

How Facebook's emojis can help B2Bs bond with customers

facebook emoji reactionsFacebook's new Reactions buttons could provide business-to-business marketers with an opportunity to gauge the emotional impact of their content and stand out in a more traditional market, Jeffrey Cohen writes. Inspire customers to use the "love" button by delivering a seamless customer experience, and create humorous or witty content that makes customers press "haha."

How millennial buyers are making B2B purchases

millennials making B2B purchasing decisionsNearly three-quarters of millennials now have purchasing responsibilities within their companies, Sacunas reports. The study showed that millennials prefer to look online and at social media to select products, and 82% use mobile in their research.

How to Drive 5 Times More Revenue with Data-Driven Content

data driven contentData-driven content marketing strategies generates five times more marketing revenue than standard content marketing strategies, according to new research by Aberdeen Group. Those companies driving the most revenue have a focused strategy, aligning content to their target personas across the entire buyer’s journey.

Learn to think beyond the clicks

CTRBlame it on Google. Its AdWords program is the primary reason marketers put so much emphasis on click-through rates; so much so we believe that anything over 0.06 percent translates to great success. But what if your CTR is less than 0.06 percent? Have you failed? You have if CTR is the only metric you're using.

And for B2B marketers running display campaigns, it most certainly shouldn't be.

As early as 2012, a ComScore report revealed that CTR has "nearly zero" correlation with conversion. Prior to that, they reported that 16 percent of internet users were responsible for 80 percent of clicks. So why haven't we moved on? Why do we put so much emphasis on CTR, and where should we be focusing instead?

Social outreach vital in B2B advertising

b2b social media strategiesOutreach to business-to-business buyers on social media can be highly effective for your bottom line. Reach the right audiences by targeting professional groups and job titles, pushing sponsored content to your ideal audience, determining audience interests and running YouTube ads.

The Most Important B2B Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017 [Infographic]

the most important b2b digital marketing statistics for 2017

Are you looking to give your social media marketing strategy a push for the last stretch of 2017?

If you're in the B2B sector, this infographic from Bubblegum Search is for you - it covers a range of key digital marketing stats for B2B brands, highlighting opportunities, trends and ideas worthy of your attention.


The State of B2B Content Marketing: 6 Things Every Brand Needs to Know [Infographic]

the state of b2b content marketing 6 things every brand needs to know

While content marketing has grown to become an established element in most sectors, the B2B space has been a little slower to catch on.

But now, with the growth of content more broadly, B2B companies are developing their content tactics, and implementing more measurable, accountable practices to make best use of content marketing within their production flow.

The state of B2B digital commerce

B2B HurdlesA quarter of business-to-business marketers say that a majority of their company's sales happen online, and 40% say just 10% or less of their sales come from digital sales, per Accenture Interactive. The rise in mobile use is increasing digital purchases.

VR becomes reality for B2Bs

VR and B2BsVirtual reality isn't just a channel for consumer marketing; it can be a fun and engaging way to explain complex business-to-business products and services. Digital marketing company Bluetext is creating 360-degree videos for clients such as software supplier Varonis Systems.

Why B2B Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore Facebook

why b2b marketers cant afford to ignore facebook

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it’s no surprise Facebook is a top priority for many marketers - yet a key question that's regularly asked by B2B businesses is whether Facebook is worth the investment for them.