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Facebook Announces Another Music Partnership, Enabling Wider Music Sharing

facebook adds new listing of all emails theyve sent to you in order to negate scammers

After, reportedly months of negotiations on music rights, Facebook has announced a range of new agreements in recent weeks.

Deals are now in place to enable sharing of music content from Universal and Sony, which will be added as part of Facebook's new 'Sound Collection’ audio library.

Facebook Announces New Ad Transparency Options Amidst Ongoing Investigation

facebook announces new ad transparency options amidst ongoing investigation

After Twitter announced their new Ad Transparency Center earlier this week, which will give users access to more insight into how organizations are using their platform for promotional purposes, Facebook has announced that it too will be upping it’s transparency efforts, in the wake of the investigation into how both networks were used to spread political messaging ahead of the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Similar to Twitter’s approach, Facebook’s looking to provide a new way for users to see all ads any business is running on the platform at any given time, with a new ‘View Ads’ option to be added to Pages.

Snapchat Announces New Deal with NBCUniversal, Adds NBA Lenses

snapchat announces new deal with nbcuniversal adds nba lenses

While Snapchat has come under increasing pressure from Facebook of late, the fact of the matter is that it remains a key platform for younger users. A recent report from Piper Jaffray showed that Snapchat remains the platform of choice among American teens – by a significant margin – despite the growth of Instagram Stories.

As such, despite more downbeat market expectations, Snapchat remains a key consideration for businesses looking to connect with younger audience groups - which is why Snap’s latest deal with NBCUniversal makes perfect sense.

What Pinterest's Hashtag Announcement Really Tells Us

what pinterests hashtag announcement really tells us

Pinterest recently announced that hashtags are now a working feature on the platform. The announcement will enable Pinners to easily discover new content, as well as ensure their content is seen by more, yet relevant users.

The focus of the announcement is clearly rested on users, however, the clear winner here is Pinterest.