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4 Reasons Why Marketers Need to Be Careful With Snapchat

4 reasons why marketers need to be careful with snapchat

As marketers, we're always in search for new and innovative ways to get our brand message out in front of our target audience.

Snapchat has been the obsession among social media marketers for the past few years - and for good reason. It's functionality, ease of use and easy to digest content presentation has helped the app establish a significant user base, users who now send more than 3 billion Snaps daily.

7 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Google AdWords

3-11GASo you want to send paid traffic to your website? That’s great! Given the amount of digital noise online today, expanding your digital marketing campaigns by putting your message directly in front of your target audience with paid ads is a powerful technique, and you’ll find that Google AdWords makes it easy to get up and running with this approach.

Unfortunately, though, just because it’s easy to open up an Adwords account doesn’t mean that it’s easy to generate a positive return on investment using this service.

Ad blocking could spell the end of the intrusive ad

9-2AblobkThe downward spiral of digital ad rates and need for advertisers to get their message noticed has turned many publishers’ sites into the online equivalent of the Las Vegas strip, with overlay, interstitial and pushdown ad units.

But with more consumers using ad blockers, enabled by Apple’s recent move to enable the function on its mobile phones and tablets, some publishers and agencies foresee a dampening of the use of such ad units.

Ad-blockers are terrifying companies and publishers, but there's no holding them back

8-31ADblockThere's a battle raging over the Internet right now — one that pits a multibillion-dollar industry against a few lines of code.

On the surface, the sticking point is whether or not people should have to look at the pop-ups, banners, autoplay videos and the other attention-grabbing ploys that subsidize most free websites. The tools that enable them not to do so are easier than ever to use.

Ads on Snapchat Are Coming

SC10-11According to Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, ads are finally coming to the ephemeral messaging app.

"People are going to see the first ads on Snapchat soon," Spiegel revealed in an interview at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, although he did not set a precise timeline for the rollout.

Unlike Facebook -- which allows advertisers to target specific users based on a wide range of factors including, recently, their exact coordinates – Snapchat's ads will not be targeted, Spiegel said.

Coming soon to Facebook: Video ads that follow you from device to device

FB7-21Advertisers on Facebook see the emerging method of sequential mobile advertising as a way to better control their branding message with consumers on social media.

Sequential video advertising allows marketers to place targeted video ads in front of a user when they click an ad on their mobile device. Based on what the person clicks, and what the product or message is, marketers are then able to follow up with similar video ads as they hop from one device to another.

Facebook adds holiday shopping season ad-targeting segment

Holiday Shopping GiftsFacebook users who consistently engage with content related to the holiday shopping season may soon see that reflected in the ads they are served by the social network.

A new ad-targeting segment will enable brands to reach users who are "highly engaged" with content related to the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Facebook said the segment will run from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, giving brands a way "to reach the most engaged and scaled audience related to the season, such as holiday planning and retail-related activity."

Advertisers: Do you believe this new ad-targeting segment will be useful?

(Article & image courtesy of Social Times)

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Global Ad Spending Growth to Double This Year

7-14-1-1Advertisers worldwide will spend $545.40 billion on paid media in 2014, according to new figures from eMarketer. Total media ad spending will increase 5.7%, eMarketer projects, more than doubling its growth rate of 2.6% from a year ago.

Several factors will drive this year’s growth in total media ad spending—not only the worldwide advertising frenzies attached to the FIFA World Cup and, to a lesser extent, the Winter Olympics, but also the steady increases in online and mobile advertising as consumers globally shift their attention to digital devices.

How AI is Changing the Ad Business

how ai is changing the ad businessAdvertising is all about tapping into consumer markets, finding out what makes them tick, and using that info to create convincing ad campaigns. This is much harder than it sounds, especially when entire demographics are proving impossible to reach. For example, millennials are notoriously difficult to connect with – and there’s a lot of them. In the U.S., they make up 25% of the population.

How can marketers make the most of market research and come up with captivating campaigns? This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. AI is designed to find answers to complicated questions, and can handle mass datasets like those accumulated by marketers and advertisers. But how can AI enhance ad campaigns, and how will this disrupt advertising?

How Kevin Systrom Controls Every Ad on Instagram

Insta7-22ASPEN — Photo-sharing network Instagram still hasn't fully rolled out its strategy for selling ads on the service. But CEO and cofounder Kevin Systrom has revealed that he has an unusual and unprecedented amount of control over photo ads before they go up on the service.

"I'm looking at every ad," Systrom told the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference at the Aspen Institute on Tuesday. "We implemented that early on." He added that he had the power to reject or suggest changes to the content.

How Self-Deprecating Advertising Creates More Meaningful Consumer-Brand Connections

how self deprecating advertising creates more meaningful consumer brand connections

Being able to laugh at ourselves is a tricky trait to nurture, but it can help people connect with us more – and it’s the same for brands and consumers.

Over the past few years, there's been an upward trend of brands that make fun of themselves in ads in order to create deeper, more meaningful connections with their audience - or more specifically, their Millennial audience.

I’m an Instagram Lover and a Fighter – Are Ads Going to Ruin My Relationship?

Instagram7-17The introduction of ads into Instagram feeds in Australia may threaten the comfortable relationship many users have with the social media platform. How can brands make sure they get the basics right?

I have a confession: I'm in a relationship with Instagram. It's there when I wake up in the morning, and there as I go to sleep at night. It's there when I need a little respite in my day, or to share moments of joy in my life. And it's there on the couch with me when I'm watching TV.

Instagram In and Twitter Out? Not So Fast, Say Experts

7-31outAfter an eMarketer forecast predicted Instagram's revenue soon outpacing Twitter, and Twitter's disappointing Q2 reports, many marketers may shy away, which could be a big mistake.

While it's been a banner week for Instagram, Twitter's latest numbers show the social media platform falling far short of expectations. However, some experts say that marketers should think twice before fleeing from Twitter toward Instagram's greener pastures. 

Instagram’s “Bolt” Leak Could Be A New Facebook App Or An App Install Ad Test

Inst7-25Some Instagram users are reporting having briefly seen a banner advertisement within the Instagram application which pointed to a new app called “Bolt,” described as a “one tap photo messaging” app. Next to the app’s name and description, a download button linked out to a non-functional URL on the Google Play store.

The current speculation being shared around the web is that Bolt is a new application soon to be released by Instagram. However, it also seems likely that the Bolt leak was a test involving an expansion of Facebook’s app install ads to the company-owned Instagram platform.

Is Snapchat Worth the Headache?

is snapchat worth the headache

Snapchat is a monster. According to the social media giant, over 166 million people use the app every day to connect with their friends and explore curated content from top publishers. Snapchat users also spend an average of 30 minutes on the platform daily.

Probably the most mind-boggling stat is that Snapchat reaches 45% of all 18 to 24 year old social media users in the U.S, according to eMarketer.

Marissa Mayer: Privacy Fanatics Will Have a Less Awesome Life Online

MM10-6As we live more of our lives on the Internet, more of our personal data is being stored there. Just who should have access to that data -- and for what purpose -- is one of the most important and controversial issues facing the modern consumer. Yesterday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer managed to tread a diplomatic line through that minefield.

Each individual is the owner of his or her personal information and ought to have the right to withhold it from companies, but if a person prefers to maintain the strictest standards of privacy on the Internet, then his or her experience online will be subpar, said Mayer, speaking at an Advertising Week event at the Times Center in New York City.

Mobile Ad Spending Will Surpass Print By The End of the Year

mobile-7-5Mobile advertising will make up nearly 10% of the U.S. ad market by the end of the year, surpassing newspapers, magazines, and radio for the first time, according to research firm eMarketer.

The overall advertising market will grow 5.3% this year to $180.12 billion, eMarketer says, bolstered by gains in mobile and TV advertising. That increase marks the first time since 2004 that the U.S. ad market has grown over 5%.

Pinterest Brings On A New Head Of Its Advertising Partner APIs

9-2pintPinterest has brought on a new executive to manage the technology its marketing developer partners use to power advertising campaigns on Pinterest.

Michael Akkerman, formerly a vice president at Kenshoo, will help manage the technology and relationships with the company’s advertising partners that are using its APIs. The company started its Marketing Developer Program earlier this year that gives its partners access to better tools to manage those campaigns on Pinterest.

Pinterest Unveils Its First Video-Like Ad And New Ad Pricing Models

5-19PAdvertisers are going to have a lot more to work with on Pinterest starting today.

The company is rolling out several new tools and pricing options for advertisers today. Perhaps the biggest of them is Pinterest’s take on a new video-like Promoted Pin — but, not in the way you might expect.

Social Media Advertising Still On the Rise, Despite What We Think

Social-Media-7-5Questions: does social media advertising work? Not so much! Will growth in digital spending slow down while traditional media recovers from a couple of years spent in the wilderness? Slightly!

And yet, much to the chagrin of those studies (one of which may have been “deeply flawed”), readers of Ad Age now say that social media is “cautiously” on the rise. It was the pub’s fifth “major survey of market attitudes” toward social media.

Top 10 Facebook Advertising Features You Should Be Using

facebook suspends potentially discriminatory ad targeting options but further concerns remain

Are you using Facebook Ads to grow your business? If not, you should be - Facebook has a wide range of great ad formats, targeting options, and campaign types.

Here are my top 10 favorite Facebook advertising features to consider in your marketing.

What Snapchat’s imminent ads might look like

SC10-9Yesterday evening Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel sat onstage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit and made headlines with his statement that ads will be coming “soon,” and that they’ll be in the app’s Our Story feature.

He also added that they would not be targeted to users based on tastes, and from his description, they will not interrupt users’ one-on-one communications.

Now, this isn’t all that shocking. When Snapchat introduced Our Story back in June, it was pretty darn obvious that the feature would become an occasional billboard.

What's the Difference Between Facebook Advertising & Boosting a Post?

facebook could be closer to rolling out upvote and downvote options for comments

When you’re getting started with Facebook advertising, it’s hard to know which types of ads will drive the most return for your investment.

And, honestly, it can be confusing. Where do you start? Should you boost a post or should you create a specific, targeted ad campaign?

Where Advertising Blockchain Companies Miss The Mark

where advertising blockchain companies miss the mark

The advertising technology industry lives in dog years. In the last seven years, automated ad buying has gone mainstream, leaving marketers wrestling with the complexities of the new and rapidly evolving programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Faced with challenges like pinpointing where exactly ads are running and dodging bots, this new ecosystem remains in the early stages of exploration.

Your Complete Guide to Advertising on LinkedIn [Infographic]

your complete guide to advertising on linkedin

Facebook has the most advanced ad targeting options, Twitter is a popular choice, and Instagram is rising. But are you also aware of the depth of ad options available on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn’s audience is more specific than other platforms, with a clear professional focus, the network’s always evolving, and its ad tools now provide a range of targeting and focus tools – including their recently introduced website demographics.

Zuckerberg: Facebook Has No Near-Term Plan to Monetize WhatsApp

MZ10-9This story originally appeared on Reuters

Facebook Inc, which closed its acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp on Monday, has no near-term plan to make money from the service, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday.

Zuckerberg, who is visiting India to participate in an event to boost Internet usage, did not give details.