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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Split Testing Your Facebook Ads

3 reasons why you should be split testing your facebook ads

Digital marketers are always looking for tools to optimize their efforts. If you haven’t heard of Facebook Split Testing, don’t worry, but it might be the answer to some of your marketing optimization challenges.

Split Testing is a tool designed by Facebook that allows advertisers to run two different ads concurrently - essentially, this is Facebook’s own version of the A/B Test built into the platform. The tool allows you to test different aspects of your ad from audience to appearance.

5 Steps to Get Customers with Facebook Ads [Infographic]

5 steps to get customers with facebook ads

More than 2 billion people are on Facebook, and advertisers collectively spent more than $26 billion on Facebook ads in 2016 to reach that ever-growing audience. And seeing the stats, one can easily assume that the chances of you reaching your target audience through Facebook are pretty high, right? But then you hear from people who say they've spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads without generating any real results.

So is it worth advertising on Facebook? Are all these numbers pointing to actual opportunity for your business?

6 Facebook Ads to Keep Your Customers Engaged [Infographic]

6 facebook ads to keep your customers engaged

In addition to evolving their all-powerful ad platform, Facebook's also making strides in the eCommerce world.

They offer a range of tools aimed at helping businesses convert customers without ever leaving The Social Network.

6 Steps to Promote Your Webinar with Social Media Ads

6 brands that raised their social media game in 2017

Businesses love investing in social media ads to promote their webinars because they have a high registration rate of 51%. Also, around 20% of webinar attendees convert to buyers.

But the only way to achieve these high conversion rates is to ensure your webinars are attended by the right people. As such, social media marketing - with its advanced targeting options, is a great way to hone in your webinar ads and boost performance.

A Guide to Social Media Ad Retargeting

a guide to social media ad retargeting

How often do you see current or potential customers coming to your site but then not taking any action? They poke around your pages a bit, look at a few things, then move on, without giving you a new conversion. How can you get that customer back to your page to actually go through with the action you'd ideally like them to take?

Welcome to the world of retargeting.

Do Longer YouTube Ads Make a Stronger Impression? [Infographic]

do longer youtube ads make a stronger impression

Should advertisers spend their time and ad dollars on longer YouTube ads, or will shorter ads save them from making a mistake?

While media experts debate the strengths of different lengths, it appears that longer ads go a longer way toward achieving certain marketing goals.

How to Use Social Media Ads for Brand Loyalty

how to use social media ads for brand loyalty

People are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media. A study conducted by Sprout Social reveals that 75.3% of people purchase something because they saw it on some social media channel, proving that a good social presence can lead to brand loyalty.

This shouldn’t be surprising as 2.34 billion people worldwide are on social media and use these platforms to be informed about the world and the brands they like most. They also use it to connect with friends and spread the word about things they enjoy. According to CrowdTwist, 43.5% of millennials use social media to share content about products and services they like.

Instagram Adds Carousel Format to Story Ads

instagram adds carousel format to story ads

Instagram, the Facebook-owned app with more than 2 million active advertisers, is testing a carousel format for ads that can include three photos or videos in the same post instead of one.

Instagram Adds New Direct Response Ad Options Within Stories

instagram adds new direct response ad options within stories

Instagram is slowly expanding on its advertising potential, with the addition of new direct response ads within the Stories stream.

As first reported by Ad Age, the new direct response ads are similar to the ‘See more’, swipe up prompt which Instagram provided to verified users for their Stories content back in November.

My breakfast with Westergren: Pandora’s founder talks about royalties, ads, brands, and bands

pa9-24Pandora has been the best-known name in Internet radio since 2000, when founder Tim Westergren launched the Music Genome Project. But the (now public) company has recently struggled to sell enough ads to both offset music licensing costs and turn the kind of profits investors crave. However, the company’s foray into in-car listening, and enhanced efforts to win ad dollars that would normally be spent on terrestrial radio, might turn the tide in Pandora’s favor.

I wrote a note to Pandora founder Tim Westergren in August, asking if he had time to talk things over. He did. Over breakfast at Tim’s favorite spot — Sweet Maple in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights — we talked about a wide variety of topics, including the role of brands in music, fair compensation for musicians, Pandora in the car, millennials, and South by Southwest.