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3 Extremely Profitable Types of Facebook Ads

3 extremely profitable types of facebook ads

If you haven’t explored the power of Facebook advertising recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of their product offering. The platform is much more than boosting posts and buying likes.

Think about it – other than the NSA, who has more data on you than Facebook? They know what websites you visit, who you work for, where you grew up, your favorite football team – there’s an endless amount of data open to advertisers.

So if you’re still just boosting posts, you’re leaving some of the lowest hanging fruit in the orchard. To really turbo charge your Facebook advertising, try these three Facebook ad campaigns. They’re sure to boost your marketing efforts. After you watch the video, you can get a deeper look into each of our favorite types of Facebook advertising below.

6 Crazy Social Media Ad Ideas to Make You Look Like A Big Deal

facebook targeting job titles articlePerception is everything. In the business world, people are naturally attracted to the biggest names, whether you call them influencers, experts, or [insert industry here] rock stars.

But what if you aren't a big name yet? What if you're just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself? How can you get on the radar of people you want to do business with in the future?

Social media advertising makes it super easy to appear superbad. You can bias the way people think about you and make yourself (or your company) appear bigger than you are.

Ads on Snapchat Are Coming

SC10-11According to Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, ads are finally coming to the ephemeral messaging app.

"People are going to see the first ads on Snapchat soon," Spiegel revealed in an interview at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, although he did not set a precise timeline for the rollout.

Unlike Facebook -- which allows advertisers to target specific users based on a wide range of factors including, recently, their exact coordinates – Snapchat's ads will not be targeted, Spiegel said.

Bad News For Media Industry In KPCB Internet Report

bad news for media industry in kpcb internet report

There's no good news for media companies in the latest Internet Trends report from VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as Google and Facebook share an astounding 85% of all new Internet advertising.

Last year it was 74% — an acceleration that demonstrates the competitive advantage of scale these companies have in the media sector or as Mary Meeker the report's author succinctly writes: "Big Get Bigger & Go After Other Bigs."

Bing Nixes Search Ads In Latest Mobile App Update

Microsoft chose to forgo serving search ads in the latest update of its mobile Bing search app to test a better user experience, Mobile Marketing Daily has learned.

Ads will continue to serve in Bing for those using Safari, Firefox and Chrome, but for not in the latest version of the mobile app.

The update for iOS launched Nov. 18 -- and that's when Jonathan Kagan, senior director of search and biddable media at MARC USA Results:Digital, downloaded version 6.0 onto his iPhone. And much to his surprise, he discovered the app did not serve paid-search ads.

With an increase of mobile use, especially during the holidays, it seems a bit odd that Bing would make this choice, Kagan says.

"They're all in for search, yet they're removing search ads, though they don't have a lot of market share, which is clearly a head-scratcher," he says. "I don't know about Android, but on the iPhone app, they are purposely not running search ads."

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on the change.

In April 2014, Microsoft introduced a classroom-specific version of its Bing search engine. Dubbed "Bing in the Classroom," this specialized version of search comes ad-free and with privacy controls for students.

(Article courtesy of Mobile Marketing Daily)

Does Video + Social = Digital Marketing's Sweet Spot?

SS9-19-1Video and social complement each other in many ways. Here are some tips that will ensure your marketing strategy leverages the links between the two.

Between the NBA's 3.5 million followers on Instagram, a General Electric (GE) Vine that received 25,000 likes, and an EA Sports video that generated more than 8 million YouTube views in a single month, one thing has become clear: social sites are where brands, and brand videos thrive. Marketers are using online video to engage consumers, yes. But it's social media they rely on to build and sustain their user base.

Facebook, Google, And Twitter’s War For App Install Ads

IA12-2An unexpected consequence of our love of apps is that now there’s just too damn many of them. The app stores are overcrowded, leaving developers desperate for a way to get their games and utilities discovered. That is why the app install ad has become the lifeblood of the mobile platform business.

Big brands aren’t the only ones to suck up to anymore. No one buys a car or Coca-Cola on their phone, at least not yet, so proving the return on investment of mobile ads to these businesses is tough. There is one thing people will instantly plop down a few bucks for on the small screen, though: Apps.

Hootsuite Announces Social Media Advertising Partnerships

Hootsuite social media advertising articleHootsuite has announced partnerships with six social media advertising brands in what the Vancouver-based company says should make it easier for busy marketers to manage organic and paid campaigns.

The world’s most widely used social media management platform is looking to solidify its position by linking up with the social advertising specialists.

How AI is Changing the Ad Business

how ai is changing the ad businessAdvertising is all about tapping into consumer markets, finding out what makes them tick, and using that info to create convincing ad campaigns. This is much harder than it sounds, especially when entire demographics are proving impossible to reach. For example, millennials are notoriously difficult to connect with – and there’s a lot of them. In the U.S., they make up 25% of the population.

How can marketers make the most of market research and come up with captivating campaigns? This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. AI is designed to find answers to complicated questions, and can handle mass datasets like those accumulated by marketers and advertisers. But how can AI enhance ad campaigns, and how will this disrupt advertising?

Snapchat's Big Bet on Location Based Advertising

snapchats big bet on location based advertising

Snapchat’s new map feature is very interesting, both to users and advertisers.

For users, the feedback is mixed. Some find the tool great for exploring events and locations around them.

"I love watching the stories from other countries on the Snapchat map." - Josie Wells (@JOZxo)

While others find it invasive.

Social Media Advertising Still On the Rise, Despite What We Think

Social-Media-7-5Questions: does social media advertising work? Not so much! Will growth in digital spending slow down while traditional media recovers from a couple of years spent in the wilderness? Slightly!

And yet, much to the chagrin of those studies (one of which may have been “deeply flawed”), readers of Ad Age now say that social media is “cautiously” on the rise. It was the pub’s fifth “major survey of market attitudes” toward social media.

Survey: Social Media More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Sponsored social media advertising is more effective than many traditional marketing approaches, according to a survey of 511 marketing executives and managers conducted by the Halverson Group on behalf of IZEA, which connects brands with content creators on social media.

The proportion of survey subjects that had direct professional experience with social media in any form increased from 68% in 2014 to 73% in 2015, while the proportion using sponsored social media, including sponsored posts and influencer marketing, edged up from 53% to 54%.

Twitter Rolls Out Suite of Direct Response Ad Products

7-twTwitter Inc rolled out three new products for its direct response advertising on Wednesday, two months after the company said weak demand for the product had lowered its revenue forecast for the year.

A select group of advertisers that Twitter declined to name is now testing the products, which are aimed at improving user engagement with direct response ads, intended to encourage actions such as clicking on a link or downloading an app.

Why We Stopped Focusing on Direct Social Media ROI

roi7-16Do you measure the return on your social media investment?

It seems blasphemous not to, yet that's exactly the direction we're experimenting with at Buffer.

We've recently shifted our focus toward email list building along with continued traffic growth. These metrics are common enough; it's what we've stopped measuring in lieu of email that is most unique and notable.

Wow, an embarrassment of riches from our friends at HubSpot! [3 Great Free Resources]

2-18Offer1. Free Report: 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report

Find out how you compare to other top social media marketers. HubSpot collected data from 7,000 businesses about how they are using social media. Are you posting more than the average in your industry, but getting fewer engagements? Not sure? Read this report to see how you stack up! This report is broken down by company size as well as industry, to give you the most accurate data possible.

Download now: http://bit.ly/1L91Fdj

Yahoo Aims to Remedy Premium Ad Slump With Self-Serve Tool

Portal Seeking $10,000-Per-Campaign Commitments for Early Inventory Access Yahoo is trying to lure back advertisers who have curtailed their spending on the portal's higher-priced ads. How? By making it easier to buy some of the company's most lucrative ads and target them using the Yahoo's audience data.

Yahoo is planning to introduce a self-serve version of its automated premium ad-buying tool, Yahoo Ad Manager Plus, in September, according to people briefed on the matter. A Yahoo spokeswoman said the company doesn't comment on products that aren't in the market yet.