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3 Ways eCommerce Sites can Increase Sales with Pinterest

3 ways ecommerce sites can increase sales with pinterest

If you’re looking to drive more traffic and sales to your eCommerce site, Pinterest is one of the social networks you need to add to your marketing arsenal. Pinterest the second highest source of traffic for Shopify sites, while the average order value for sales referred through Pinterest is $50, which is higher than any other social network.

People like to pin products on Pinterest and plan purchases. When used properly, your eCommerce site can generate significant revenue with Pinterest.

Buyable Pins and shoppable buttons: What sellers need to know

6-8pinPinterest took one step closer to bridging the gap between “want” and “have” last week with the release of Buyable Pins, a feature that allows consumers to purchase goods directly within the app. Similarly, Instagram announced three new “action-oriented” buttons – Shop Now, Install Now, and Sign Up – allowing consumers to engage more directly with brands and giving advertisers greater control over audience targeting.

How to Setup Buyable Pins to Sell Products Direct on Pinterest

how to setup buyable pins to sell products direct on pinterest

Do you pin products to Pinterest to promote items on your website or store? How would you like to sell products directly within Pinterest?

Buyable Pins let you do just that - Buyable Pins are a special kind of pin that let customers buy your products without ever leaving Pinterest.

Pinterest Adds A Few Tools To Integrate More Easily With Squarespace

5-27PinSquarespace users this afternoon will get a set of tools that will enable them to more easily publish their content to Pinterest and gather data about the traffic those pins are driving to their site.

Previously, adding Pinterest tools like the Pin It button would require a small amount of code added directly to the site, but the new integration has built it into the user interface of the site’s settings. Squarespace is often used to quickly get a site up and running, and that’s of particular interest to businesses that need an online presence but may not have someone technically savvy enough to build a richer website.

Pinterest Introduces New Pin-Level Stats to Help Maximize Pins

pinterest introduces new pin level stats to help maximize pinsAs part of their ongoing effort to improve the business value of the platform, Pinterest is adding Pin-specific stats to each Pin, making the data easier to access and analyze – and action, in the case of switching to a Promoted Pin.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Now, when you visit your Pinterest for Business profile, you’ll find a new stats icon on each of your Pins. This gives you (and only you) a preview of that Pin’s total engagements. Trying to understand how much interest people are showing in your Pin? Use this feature to quickly scan your Pins and see which is getting the most action.”

Pinterest Opens Promoted Pins to All US Marketers for 2015

1-6ppSocial network Pinterest has given US advertisers a new advertising tool to kick off the New Year. As of January 1st, the Promoted Pins ads first launched in September 2013 and available only to select brand partners in 2014 has been open to all advertisers.

Early Pinterest brand partners including Kraft Foods and General Mills have been testing the Promoted Pins ad format for eight months. Like Promoted Posts on Facebook and Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Pinterest’s paid ad offering is designed to help marketers amplify the exposure of their social content. Marketers will be able to pay to show certain pins at the top of search results and category feeds.

We Tried All the Best Pinterest Marketing Tips. Here's What Worked.

6-5pinIs your brand—personal or professional—on Pinterest?

Seventy million people are, with a large number of those being bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways. Though falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has its own special notes and best practices that help make it an extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the network.