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3 Extremely Profitable Types of Facebook Ads

3 extremely profitable types of facebook ads

If you haven’t explored the power of Facebook advertising recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of their product offering. The platform is much more than boosting posts and buying likes.

Think about it – other than the NSA, who has more data on you than Facebook? They know what websites you visit, who you work for, where you grew up, your favorite football team – there’s an endless amount of data open to advertisers.

So if you’re still just boosting posts, you’re leaving some of the lowest hanging fruit in the orchard. To really turbo charge your Facebook advertising, try these three Facebook ad campaigns. They’re sure to boost your marketing efforts. After you watch the video, you can get a deeper look into each of our favorite types of Facebook advertising below.

5 Questions Every Facebook Ad Must Answer

5 questions every facebook ad must answer

Facebook ads offer significant opportunities for brands to reach highly specific, targeted audiences. But the key to success is in the detail - while there are a wide range of options to utilize, this means there's also a huge array of variations to consider, which can make the process confusing for those unfamiliar. In some cases, this can lead to less than optimal targeting, while some people simply choose the basic options and hope Facebook will automatically generate results.

This is not the best approach.

To truly maximize your Facebook ads, you need to understand the purpose behind each campaign, the intent, and the measures you'll use to calculate their success (or failure).

Facebook extends ads beyond its own users

facebook sharing ads with non usersFacebook is opening up Audience Network to enable marketers to deliver ads to consumers who don't use its platform. The company is also enabling non-Facebook users to opt out of receiving ads.

Facebook Now up to 5 Million Advertisers, Announces New Video Metrics

facebook now up to 5 million advertisers announces new video metrics

Just as Facebook continues to add more users, so too are more advertisers flocking to the platform to tap into that audience.

This week, The Social Network has reported that there are now more than five million active advertisers on their platform. For comparison, Instagram reached its first million advertisers last month, while Facebook itself reported that it had reached four million advertisers only six months ago.

How to Improve Your Facebook Clickthrough Rates With Better Images

FBB11-11In their book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, online marketing and Facebook ad experts Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche explain the game-changing tactics of paid Facebook Ads and how you can gain more on your investment—in clicks, customers and profits. In this edited excerpt, Krance and Meloche offer tips on using images in your Facebook ads to attract attention.

In Facebook ads, the picture is flat out more important than the text. Perhaps 80 percent of the click-effectiveness of your ad will be determined by the image you choose and the headline you provide for that image, with 70 percent coming from the image alone.

Three Free Master Social Guidebooks – Great Holiday Reading

FB12-3-2How to Master Facebook in 10 Days

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How to Generate Leads on Facebook
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