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A 5 Step Guide to Using Twitter for Business

a 5 step guide to using twitter for business

While more recent headlines have not been flattering, Twitter has earned its spot as a leading social media platform over the past eleven years.

Those 140-character snippets can provide tons of organic growth, engagement and brand recognition for businesses of all sizes. Users latch on to the conversational and up-to-the-minute nature of the platform. If you’re running a small business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing plan is likely a wise and cost-effective idea.

Today, we’ll review the essential steps to get your Twitter for Business account up and running - and most importantly, generating the positive results you want.

How Marketers Should Approach the New Twitter

1-30twDespite a user base of nearly 300 million, Twitter recently announced plans to ramp up new account signups, along with a host of other offerings aimed at both individual and business customers. Reporting from Twitter’s first Analyst Day event in November, 2014, Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman said the company “plans to speed up its product development process to ease the onboarding process, broaden content syndication efforts, expand the overall app ecosystem and continue building up ad products.”

Twitter Launches Official Partner Program

6-8twTwitter has launched a new ‘Official Partner Program’, designed to help businesses find the best qualified third party assistance for their Twitter campaigns and management. From Twitter’s official announcement, the new program will aim to link businesses with assistance to help them:

  • Increase campaign performance by helping to scale, manage and measure performance to achieve desired objectives
  • Gain more insight by using Twitter data to measure brand performance and identify relevant marketing and consumer trends
  • Market more efficiently by managing social presence and oversee customer care

Twitter Makes It Easier To Target Ads Around Big Events

7-23twiTwitter is announcing a straightforward way for advertisers to join conversations around major events.

Not that the service has lacked ads around, say, the Super Bowl. But Ameet Ranadive, the company’s senior director of revenue products, said that until now, buying those ads has been a “very manual” process, with advertisers piecing together the right keywords, Twitter handles and geographies to target.

Twitter Q1 Numbers: Active Users Up, Increasing Advertiser Focus

twitter q1 numbers active users up increasing advertiser focus

Twitter’s focus on live-streaming, and their increased adoption of machine learning models to show users the most relevant tweets, appears to be paying off, with the company posting a better than expected Q1 result – and most notably, adding nine million new monthly active users.

The growth in users also extended to daily actives, which increased 14% year-over-year, which is the fourth consecutive quarter of accelerating usage growth.

Twitter Releases New Data on Generating Response with First View Video Ads

twitter releases new data on generating response with first view video adsA year ago, Twitter released a new video ad option called First View, which gives marketers the opportunity to ensure their Promoted Video will be the first ad their target audience sees when they log onto Twitter for the first time on any given day.

As explained by Twitter:

“First View’s exclusive placement enables brands to achieve “Love at First View,” getting attention at the top of the timeline when users are at their most receptive.”

Twitter Rolls Out Suite of Direct Response Ad Products

7-twTwitter Inc rolled out three new products for its direct response advertising on Wednesday, two months after the company said weak demand for the product had lowered its revenue forecast for the year.

A select group of advertisers that Twitter declined to name is now testing the products, which are aimed at improving user engagement with direct response ads, intended to encourage actions such as clicking on a link or downloading an app.

Twitter to Put Ads Where Folks Without Accounts Can See Them

twitter adsTwitter Inc. is finding ways to advertise to people who view tweets on its website without having an account, seeking to prove to Wall Street that its business can thrive even as membership growth slows.

Promoted tweets -- ads that appear intermittently throughout users’ timelines when they’re logged in -- will now start to show up when Web surfers click through to a posting or profile on Twitter via tweets in Google search results or news stories, the company said.

Twitter Updates Tailored Audiences for New Targeting Capabilities

tw8-19-1Twitter has added a few new features to its tailored audiences tool, making it easier for advertisers to target mobile and find new customers.

Advertisers using Twitter's tailored audience tool can now supplement existing customer data with mobile phone numbers and advertising IDs, as well as reach new audiences with look-alike targeting technology.

Twitter Will Onboard Users With “Instant Timeline”, Inject Top Tweets From “While You Were Away”

T11-12Twitter has 500 million logged out users it’s trying to squeeze value out of, but now it has a plan to fix its growth problem, which is really a new user retention problem. Today on its marathon 7-hour Analyst’s Day conference call it previewed sweeping product changes, new revenue streams, and a unified strategy to make Twitter for everyone, even if that means changes fundamentals that diehard users have grown accustomed to.

The most important change is called “Instant Timeline”, and it will jumpstart users with a feed full of interesting content even if they haven’t followed anyone yet. Twitter also announced it would break away from a strictly unfiltered feed with a new “While You Were Away” feature showing the best tweets since you last logged in.

Twitter's Testing a New $99 Flat-Fee Model to Promote Accounts, Tweets

twitters testing a new 99 flat fee model to promote accounts tweets

After their latest earnings report – which showed both a decline in total users and advertising revenue – Twitter is under more pressure than ever. The micro-blog giant had shown signs of promise of late, but any hopes of a significant rebound collapsed on the back of their latest report - in which they also reported that their future outlook looks uncertain, particularly in terms of revenue growth.

So what does Twitter do?

Why Twitter Is Paying For Your Cell Phone Number

T10-22Twitter TWTR -3.06% wants to gain a bigger presence in the lives of consumers, and so from today it's going behind the scenes of how we connect to our smartphone apps. The most obvious route? Our phone numbers.

On Wednesday it launched a new mobile platform for developers called Fabric, and a core feature called Digits where Twitter foots the bill to send costly registration texts.

That seems generous of Twitter, but there's a catch: Twitter gets to keep those phone numbers too, and store them on its servers.