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6 Things the NFL's Focus on 'Fan Engagement' Can Teach Small Business

9-7nflIf you’re like 65 percent of Americans, you’re a fan of pro football. Which means you already have your fantasy team drafted and your jersey ready for when your team takes the field this season.

How has the National Football League managed to make football America’s favorite sport? One major reason is the League's ability to keep fans engaged -- a strength businesses should pay attention to. In fact, businesses can strengthen their own "fan engagement" by taking the following six lessons from the NFL playbook.

Cuba legalizes small- and medium-sized businesses

Cuba legalizaes small and medium businessesIn a tabloid found at state newsstands, the communist country announced that it would add small, mid-sized and micro private businesses to its master plan, approved last month, for social and economic development. Business owners hope the reform allows them to export products to other countriesand import wholesale supplies.

Facebook Provides New Tools to Help Small Businesses Make Better Use of their Platforms

facebook provides new tools to help small businesses

While Facebook has grown to become one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world, there’s still a lot of potential for growth in the social media giant.

Back in February, as part of their 2016 Q4 performance update, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg noted that while there were four million active advertisers on the network (that’s risen to five million since), there are more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages in total, a significant gap between active businesses and active advertisers.

Is Social Media Killing Your Small Business?

8-17smToday, everyone wants to be the King (or Queen!) of social media. We need to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and, of course, Pinterest. But is it possible that being everywhere at once might actually be hurting your business?

SMBs Allocate More Budget to Social Than Other Channels

FB9-18-1BIA/Kelsey’s new study shows that small and medium businesses now use social more than any other media platform for business purposes.

Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) allocate more ad dollars to social than any other media platform, according to a report by BIA/Kelsey.

In its latest study, entitled Local Commerce Monitor, BIA/Kelsey found that 74.5 percent of SMBs (companies with less than 100 employees) have been leveraging social media to promote their businesses.

The report also found that on average, SMBs spend 21.4 percent of their total media budgets on social, compared to 18.9 percent last year.