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5 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2017

5 email marketing best practices for 2017

Email marketing is a tried and true method for engaging customers and attracting sales. It's also cost-effective and easy to use; it's no wonder that it's remained a top marketing asset for businesses large and small.

Yet, like every marketing endeavor, email adapts to changing customer preferences year after year. Now that we're well into 2017, it's time to address the latest email marketing best practices.

Logo Design Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

logo design trends for 2017

One thing that’s always certain in the design world is that there’s never a dull moment. Trends are always being born and coming and going; sometimes, trying to keep up with all of the changes in design can literally make your head spin.

Whether it’s for brand recognition, instant communicability, or simply visual appeal, logos impact our daily lives in numerous ways.

The Digital World: How Interconnected Are We in 2017 [Infographic]

the digital world how interconnected are we in 2017

Why is digital marketing so important in the modern age?

According to this new report from 1st Aerials, since 2016, the number of internet users has increased by 10% - a total of 354 million new internet users - with huge rises in adoption in major population centers like the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

The Top U.S. Media Publishers on Social Media - June 2017

the top us media publishers on social media june 2017

Powered by Shareablee data, the top brands ranked by total actions (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) for each respective industry are shown in this article.

In the Business & Finance category, Business Insider continues to lead the pack with 4.7 million actions. The publisher also garners 2.2 million video actions, representing a 40% growth compared with the previous month.

Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017 [Infographic]

top 8 web design trends for 2017

Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern day highly competitive environment - a website is usually the first source of information on everything, including the products or services of a company. But web design trends and techniques have been changing fast over the years amidst ever-increasing competition to catch the users’ attention.

Web designers are under pressure to create unique websites which can deliver a brand message in a precise manner - and fast, particularly on mobile devices. This is the chief reason why designers continue to experiment with elements, such as interactive videos, images, and illustrations.

Top Web Design Trends in 2017 [infographic]

top web design trends in 2017

What do some of the top web designers have up their sleeves for 2017? In an industry that thrives on innovation and creativity, it's no surprise that the web design trends that are sure to make an impact in 2017 both push boundaries and embrace clean simplicity.

This infographic explores seven trends that are sure to make a big impact in the web design world this year. There's something for every style of designer here, from clean and tidy to chaotic and daring.

Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for August to Help with Strategic Planning

twitter releases major events calendar for august to help with strategic planning

Where does the time go? With all the controversies and updates and shifts, did you realize that Christmas is now less than 150 days away?

Better get planning on that festive strategy.

But in the more immediate future, you need to plan for the coming month, which Twitter has been offering help on this year with their monthly major event calendars, highlighting the key dates to be aware of - and their past tweet volumes - to provide prompts on where you can focus and tap into wider trends.

Visual Thumbstoppers for Your Social Media in 2017 [Infographic]

visual thumbstoppers for your social media in 2017

If you haven't heard, visuals are an important element of your digital marketing strategy - The Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2016 reveals that 74% of marketers use visuals for social media marketing, while Cisco predicts that videos will make up 80% of worldwide internet traffic in 2019.

You need to be considering the visual elements of your campaigns, and utilizing images and video to best effort.