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How to Find Quality Micro-influencers (Even if You're Clueless About Influencer Marketing)

how to find quality micro influencers even if youre clueless about influencer marketing

Social media influencers are in high demand, with household brands courting them to become advocates and promoters of their products. But high demand for these influencers also pushes up the costs of using them - as a way around that, small businesses looking to use influencer marketing are increasingly turning to micro influencers.

Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers

micro influencers vs macro influencers

Micro influencers vs macro influencers? Which works best and what’s worth your while?

First up, let me just explain the difference between a micro and macro influencer.

Micro-Influencers, Maximum Benefit

micro influencers maximum benefit

While the term “Influencer Marketing” might be new(er) or more of a buzzword lately, the concept is anything but. As long as marketing and advertising has been around, brands have been using people in positions of celebrity, or whom others look up to, to promote their products.

One of my all-time favorites are the ads from the late 1940s that read “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.” People look to their doctors for advice, and they have high influence over our thoughts and actions, making them the perfect vehicle for an influencer campaign.

Social Media Micro-Influencers: What Are They and Where do you Find Them?

social media micro influencers what are they and where do you find them

Social media influencers are all the rage right now, with marketers and businesses clamoring to utilize influencers to promote their products or services in order to reach a larger audience.

As a small business, however, it can be difficult to get those big names to help support you – and that’s where micro-influencers come in.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what social media micro-influencers are, where to find them and how they can help boost your outreach strategies.

Stop Feeding the Beast: Why Micro-Influencers Matter More

stop feeding the beast why micro influencers matter more

Step aside Kim Kardashian and Something Navy, the latest trend in influencer marketing revolves around activating micro-influencers—content creators who possess smaller, but highly engaged niche social followings. Although their fans may number in the hundreds or thousands rather than millions, these content creators inject an air of authenticity into their posts and drive engagement among their followers.

Micro-influencers build community, creating an intimate and arguably more authentic relationship with their followers—a unique value that can’t always be measured tangibly.