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Goal: Google’s digital ant learns to play soccer

Google DeepMind learns soccerFirst, it beat world champion Lee Sedol at Go; now, Google’s DeepMind has learned how to play soccer through a combination of asynchronous, reinforcement-based learning. Although it might sound negligible, the accomplishment is important because the artificially intelligent system learned how to move the digital bug and score a goal without any prior understanding of mechanics.

How AI is Changing the Ad Business

how ai is changing the ad businessAdvertising is all about tapping into consumer markets, finding out what makes them tick, and using that info to create convincing ad campaigns. This is much harder than it sounds, especially when entire demographics are proving impossible to reach. For example, millennials are notoriously difficult to connect with – and there’s a lot of them. In the U.S., they make up 25% of the population.

How can marketers make the most of market research and come up with captivating campaigns? This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. AI is designed to find answers to complicated questions, and can handle mass datasets like those accumulated by marketers and advertisers. But how can AI enhance ad campaigns, and how will this disrupt advertising?