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11 Thank You Page Tips to Help Move Leads Down Your Funnel [Infographic]

11 thank you page tips to help move leads down your funnel

You spend time and effort creating content offers like ebooks, presentations, whitepapers, and more, and if you create great personas, do your marketing correctly, and put together an enticing offer, your prospects will share their contact information with you to get it. In the process, they become leads in your funnel. Then what?

There's been some debate about what to do once your leads have signed up. Should you send a Thank You message, or should you use a Thank You page? Inbound marketing organizations from Aweber to Hubspot agree, Thank You pages are the way to go.

3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Nurturing Strategy with Facebook Ads

3 ways to boost your lead nurturing strategy with facebook ads

There are two important trends today’s eCommerce businesses need to be aware of. First, eCommerce is increasingly a mobile and app-based experience. Second, email marketing performance is declining as spam filters improve and users become “ad blind” due to the deluge of marketing emails hitting their inboxes every day.

This adds a new level of challenge for your marketing efforts - one tactic to consider is linking yout retargeting and lapsed user email campaigns together with social media outreach in order to boost your lead nurturing strategy.

4 Ways to Generate Leads from Facebook (Which Most Businesses Aren't Using)

4 ways to generate leads from facebook which most businesses arent using

Facebook has more than 1.3 billion daily active users, with each one of them spending an average of 50 minutes within their apps.

Given the sheer presence and popularity of The Social Network, it's a platform that marketers simply cannot ignore - however, research has revealed that only around 45% of marketers think that Facebook marketing is effective.

5 Tips to Make Lead Magnets Perform Better [Infographic]

5 tips to make lead magnets perform better

Lead magnets are content offers that entice your visitors to share their contact info in order to download them.

We recently wrote an article on how to create lead magnets that win clicks and influence customers - in that piece, we covered how to make lead magnets which provide value to your target audience. But we got so many good questions about the supporting structure that lead magnets require - and they do require a lot of supporting structure.

Facebook adds video to lead-generation ad offers

facebook video leadsFacebook now offers a lead-generation video ad that incorporates a call-to-action button during the video to encourage viewers to fill in their personal details. The platform is also boosting its lead-generation offerings by letting marketers duplicate forms and edit questions across pushes.