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3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Nurturing Strategy with Facebook Ads

3 ways to boost your lead nurturing strategy with facebook ads

There are two important trends today’s eCommerce businesses need to be aware of. First, eCommerce is increasingly a mobile and app-based experience. Second, email marketing performance is declining as spam filters improve and users become “ad blind” due to the deluge of marketing emails hitting their inboxes every day.

This adds a new level of challenge for your marketing efforts - one tactic to consider is linking yout retargeting and lapsed user email campaigns together with social media outreach in order to boost your lead nurturing strategy.

Infographic: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads

linkedin profileWhat’s the best way to ensure you’re profile attracts business leads or recruiting offers? LinkedIn offers guides for both general and sales optimization. Some of the basic keys for optimizing a LinkedIn profile include:

- Using a professional looking headshot
- Develop a headline that’s more than just a job title
- Add samples of past projects
- Make sure your profile is complete
- List at least three skills for your connections to endorse

For more information on optimizing your LinkedIn profile...