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25 Tips for Taking Better Mobile Photos From Instagram Influencers - Free Guide

instagram tips from influencersThere's no denying that succeeding on Instagram isn't just science - it's art. So, we've enlisted the help of 12 Instagram artists to help your business take and leverage better imagery.

Download this guide to:
 - Discover 25 ideas for telling authentic visual stories
 - Get tips on which mobile apps and tools to try
 - Receive 20+ images for Instagram inspiration

Click here: http://bit.ly/1Zjqdq9

To your success!

4 Key Ways to Connect with Influencers and Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

4 key ways to connect with influencers and maximize your influencer marketing efforts

If you’ve ever tried to execute an influencer marketing campaign, you know that the hardest part is often connecting with the right influencers in the first place.

Since your relationship with the influencers can impact the authenticity and effectiveness of your campaign, you need to build genuine connections with them. But how can you do it?

4 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Connect With Influencers on Social Media

social influencersSocial media is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to promote your brand within your target market, but you won’t have much of a reach on your own page.

Building relationships with social media influencers is your answer...

7 Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing

7 strategies for effective influencer marketing

One of the keys to effective influencer marketing (aka getting real results) is doing it authentically.

But just what does that mean?

Being authentic in your influencer marketing efforts means investing the time to learn as much as you can about each influencer you want to reach out to, and then communicating with them in a personalized manner that works to establish, and then build a real relationship with that person.

Capture the #dark-social influencers

use brand jedi to harness dark socialDark social describes sharing that's hard to track, as online word of mouth and links sent via email often have a big impact on whether a piece of content goes viral, Rich Mintz writes. Here are 3 steps to identify and train your army of brand advocates.

Pandora teams up with social influencers for campaign

pandora thumbprintPandora has tapped 33 social influencers to tout its Thumbprint Radio feature that brings together all of the songs a user has ever favorited into one station. The push from Funworks shows the joyful reactions people have when they hear song after song that they love.

Social Media Micro-Influencers: What Are They and Where do you Find Them?

social media micro influencers what are they and where do you find them

Social media influencers are all the rage right now, with marketers and businesses clamoring to utilize influencers to promote their products or services in order to reach a larger audience.

As a small business, however, it can be difficult to get those big names to help support you – and that’s where micro-influencers come in.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what social media micro-influencers are, where to find them and how they can help boost your outreach strategies.

The Ultimate Listing of Paid Influencer Marketing Solutions

the ultimate listing of paid influencer marketing solutions

The below technology vendors were part of the native advertising technology landscape research presented at the beginning of the year. One of the categories that falls under the native moniker is paid influencer marketing or influencer advertising.

There are plenty of earned media influencer marketing solutions out there that merely identify influencers and/or track them. It’s then up to the brand to reach out and pitch them on why they should participate in an influencer program.