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10 words that defined marketing in 2015

Marketing wordsIf you want to know the trends responsible for driving the digital marketing industry in any given year, you'd get pretty close by creating a word cloud from top industry publication headlines of the previous 12 months. Then pick the 10 largest fonts. Some words would remain consistent from year to year: Google, Facebook, social media, viral video, etc. But other terms enjoy much briefer moments in the spotlight. So let's take a look at those that saw their rise in marketing significance in 2015.

I couldn't resist including a couple of words that rightfully carried over from last year's list. We'll start with those. But as you'll see, their story lines within our industry have evolved significantly this past year. What words would you add to this year's list?

Here we go...

12 Word Power Pointers for Writing Marketing Content

12 word power pointers for writing marketing contentIf it’s “word power” you’re hoping to achieve, 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing, by the late Gary Provost, is the ultimate manual - it’s the best writing guide I’ve ever read.

If you read my stuff, you know the subject is near and dear to me. If I can give you pointers to improve your writing, you know I will. It’s my job to improve your word power. I can do it for you, with you, or consult you on it.

Provost’s book, published in 1985, includes a chapter titled. “12 Ways to Give your Words Power.” Who doesn’t want that?