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Very good post, many thanks. We have found that specificity helps. If your blog keeps on track with a single subject, you can save other one-line ideas for future posts
Started by Robin.
That's awesome Angela! Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!
Started by Anglers Bible.
Hi Michele, It doesn't look like anyone has replied? I hope you get this. I am new to this site. I have both a tumblr and wordpress blog, I really like a lot of things about tumblr but wordpress popularity has grown so much I think it's really a top choice for most people/businesses too. I just learned how to set up an import option with wordpress that grabs my tumblr blogs and posts them - pretty easy to set up. That way you can reap all the benefits of both but not have double the work! Hope that helps :) good luck to you!
That is why social media is not at easy as it looks - especially things like knowing when to turn it off and don't annoy your followers!
Started by Robin.
I love how this article broke it all down site by site! Awesome info!
Started by Robin.
Thanks for the link. It is amazing that they had so much insight considering it was last edited July 2011. It seems like the social media landscape is changing weekly if not daily. I think the biggest challenge in this arena is to keep up with the flow of the tide. It is constantly changing.
Started by Robin.
I think Instagram is DEFINITELY PO'd at how bad the IPO has been. I think Facebook should have gone with NYSE and there's reports they actually are considering making the change. Link: I also believe Facebook was over-hyped and over-priced for its actual dollars. The valuation was handled completely wrong. I'm not an economic expert, but if your revenues are only $2-$3 billion per year, why should you be valued at nearly 100x that? Even Google and Apple are only valued at 10 - 15 times what they actually bring in revenue! :-)
Started by Robin.
Great attitude to have, however difficult to implement. Flexibility seems to be the only key to obtain these results.
Started by Tyler Crosson.
Hi Aminvadsaria:) So do you have any lessons that you've learned lately that would help us avoid a few pitfalls:)?
Started by Robin.
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